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Used to put a load in motion or apply a force. Types include pneumatic, micro-mirror and more.

Used to put a load in motion or apply a force. Types include pneumatic, micro-mirror and more.

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  • Rostra Vernatherm

    Rostra Vernatherm is a global supplier of thermal aircraft actuators that feature a temperature range of 30-300F, maximum stroke of .190 in. to .500 in., maximum load of 20 to 70 lbs., and minimum return load of 7 to 30 lbs. The actuators are available as light to heavy-duty units, and are capable of producing high forces and long travel distances.

  • Moog, Inc., Industrial Controls Div.

    Moog Components manufactures flight control and utility actuation systems for civil and military aircraft. The company's line of products includes flight control actuators, engine control actuators, vibration control actuators, and utility actuators. The primary flight control actuators are available in simplex, dual, triplex, and quad redundant designs, while the secondary flight control actuators are capable of electrohydraulic, electrohydrostatic, and electromechanical actuation.

  • Woodward

    Woodward Inc. designs and manufactures aerospace and defense actuators for a number of applications including: civil and military aircraft, helicopter and tilt-rotor aircraft, turbine engines, guided missiles and munitions, armored and tactical vehicles, remote weapon systems, sensor platforms, and gimbals.

  • Arc Systems, Inc.

    Arc Systems Inc. manufactures AC and BLDC actuators for commercial aircraft and military applications. Capable of long life under tough industrial conditions, the actuators feature a spur gear or planetary gear drive and worm gear system or bevel gear system. The company also produces in-line actuators and custom actuators for tough industrial settings.

  • Motion Systems Div Kearfott Corporation

    The motion systems division of Kearfott Corporation manufactures nine series of actuators for various manned aircraft, along with UAV actuators for unmanned aircraft, aerospace actuators, and fin actuator systems and actuators for missile applications.

  • GE Aviation Systems

    GE Aviation Systems produces integrated mechanical systems for civil and military applications including fully integrated landing gear actuation systems for large civil aircraft; thrust reverser actuation systems for engine core and inlet/exhaust; electromechanical motion control actuation subsystems; and electromechanical boom actuators.

  • Beaver Aerospace & Defense, Inc.

    Beaver Aerospace and Defense Inc. designs and manufactures aerospace hydraulic actuators used in hydraulic landing gear, wind flap and auxiliary applications. The company also produces a number of other actuator types including: linear actuators, rotary actuators, landing gear actuators, trailer outrigger actuators, missile silo actuators, missile fin actuators, SMART actuators, electric brake actuators, and auxiliary application actuators.

  • CEF Industries

    CEF Industries produces linear actuators that cover strokes from 0.59" to 5.00", with operating compressive loads up to 150 pounds. The linear actuators are used in by-pass doors, cargo handling systems, locking/latching systems, elevator/rudder/aileron/trim tab systems, landing gear, and flap actuation applications.

  • Aero Space Controls Corp.

    Aero Space Controls Corp. manufactures linear and rotary actuators used in trim tab, cowl flap, louver, valve actuation, duct butterfly actuation, and rudder pedal adjust applications. The various linear actuators feature maximum loads of 10 lbs. to 700 lbs., with maximum stroke ranging from 0.40 inch to 2.79 inch. The rotary actuators feature maximum stroke of 2 inch, 270 degrees, or 90 degrees with maximum loads of 10 lbs. or 20 lbs.

  • Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.

    Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company distributes flap linear actuators available as 12 volt and 24 volt models. These self-locking linear actuators are used on lancair and feature a capacity of 1500 N maximum dynamic load and 2200 N static. The actuators also feature stroke of 150mm, with speed of 10-15mm per second.

  • Triumph Group Inc.

    Triumph Group Inc. manufacture high-lift actuation systems, horizontal stabilizer trim actuators, and utility actuation components and systems. The high-lift actuators are for civilian and military aircraft, while the trim actuators are designed for the U.S. military largest commercial transport aircraft.

  • Rockwell Collins

    Rockwell Collins manufactures secondary flight control actuators including flap and slat actuation systems (linear or rotary), horizontal stabilizer trim actuators and systems, and other aerospace actuators such as nose wheel steering gearboxes.

  • Skytronics Inc

    Skytronics Inc. overhauls and repairs horizontal stabilizer actuators, and L/E rotary and Kruger actuators - along with Boeing T/E flap transmissions and gearboxes.

  • Superior Motion Control, Inc.

    Superior Motion Control Inc. designs and manufactures rotary and linear actuators for underwater vehicles, unmanned aircraft, torpedoes and missiles, missile launch systems, aircraft control surfaces, and gun systems for ground vehicles and surface ships.

  • Westfield Hydraulics Inc.

    Westfield Hydraulics Inc. designs and manufactures various components for the aerospace industry including 3000 psi hydraulic actuators.

  • MTI Sigmatek

    MTI Sigmatek designs and manufactures gun mounting systems for aerospace and military ground equipment. The machine gun mounts are suitable for use on trucks, ATVs, FMTVs, HMMWVs, GMVs, and other armored vehicles. Gun mount models include: MK 93, MK 64, MK 95, M3, M122, and M122A.

  • Curtiss-Wright Corp.

    Curtiss-Wright Corp. provides commercial aerospace and military aerospace actuators including: secondary flight control actuation systems, electromechanical trim actuators, utility actuation systems, weapons bay door actuation systems, electromechanical actuators, and leading edge flap actuation systems.

  • The Aviation Group

    The Aviation Group overhauls and repairs landing gear actuators along with flap/aileron/trim actuators.

  • Precision Mechanisms Corp.

    Precision Mechanism Corp. designs and manufactures military, aerospace, and commercial aircraft rotary actuators used in a number of applications including: throttle control modules, flap/slat position controls, landing gear controls, bay door controls, and position indication. The company also produces miniature, high power, and subminiature cam switches for military, aerospace and commercial aircraft.