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Main component of aircraft propulsion that generate mechanical power. Most engines are either lightweight piston engines or gas turbines.

Main component of aircraft propulsion that generate mechanical power. Most engines are either lightweight piston engines or gas turbines.

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  • U.S. Microjet LLC

    US MicroJet is a manufacturer of MicroTurbine aircraft engines. Applications include engines for UAV's and remotely piloted drone aircraft, experimental aircraft, and custom applications such as sustainer engines. MicroTurbine engines are also available for radio controlled model aircraft.

  • D-Star Engineering Corp.

    D-Star Engineering is a developer and manufacturer of aerospace and defense parts and equipment related to aircraft and propulsion/power systems. Offerings include heavy fuel engines, turbine engines, and unmanned air vehicles.

  • GE Aviation Systems

    GE Aviation is a provider of commercial and military jet engines and components, as well as avionics, electric power and mechanical systems for aircraft. GE manufactures over a half dozen jet engine models in both business and commercial aircraft, and well over a dozen military jet engines.

  • Continental Motors

    Continental Motors' aircraft piston engines include the A-70 radial engine and the engine used for the Voyager aircraft. Continental was the first to introduce the horizontally opposed cylinder configuration, and both fuel injection and turbocharging in general aviation aircraft. There are nearly two dozen aircraft engine models to choose from.

  • LeFiell Manufacturing Co.

    LeFiell is a manufacturer of components for aircraft, jet engines, rocket engines, and missiles. Products include gas turbine engine shafts, aircraft control rods, struts and braces, rocket engine liquid thrust chamber coolant tubes, and missile cases.

  • Powermaster Aircraft Engines

    Powermaster Engines offers complete aircraft engine overhauls, highly-detailed installation, in-flight dynamic balancing and vibration spectrum analysis. Engines rebuilt include Continental, Beechcraft, Lycoming, and others. When engines are installed the aircraft is test flown and performance documented.

  • Williams International

    Williams International offers FJ33 aircraft engines that are sized to power light jets in the 5000 to 9000 pound GTOW class, enabling them to cruise over the weather at jet speeds, take off and land at small airports, and have lower operating cost than many twin-piston aircraft.

  • Lockheed Martin Corp.

    Lockheed Martin manufactures the proven F-35 and F-16 jet engines and is one of the largest independent producers of aircraft engines in the world. Lockheed's aeronautics division includes tactical aircraft, airlift and aeronautical research and development.

  • Textron Inc.

    Textron is a multi-industry company that includes Bell Helicopter and Cessna Aircraft. Bell vertical takeoff and landing aircraft is used for commercial and military applications. Cessna is made up of five businesses, including Citation business jets, Caravan single-engine utility turboprops, and Cessna single-engine piston aircraft.

  • Western Skyways

    Western Skyways' in-house Aircraft Turbine Engine Shop specializes in overhauling all Pratt & Whitney PT6A turbine engines and JT15D engines. Only certified and traceable parts go back into your engine.

  • Don George Aircraft Engines

    Don George Aircraft offers custom rebuilt aircraft engines, aircraft motors and aviation repair parts. Don George specializes in overhauling Continental and Lycoming engines, and offers new and rebuilt parts and cylinders.

  • Preferred Airparts

    Preferred Airparts offers parts for piston, turboprop, and jet aircraft engines, specializing in parts for Continental and Lycoming aircraft. Preferred Airparts also does complete engine overhauls.

  • DeltaHawk Engines, Inc.

    DeltaHawk offers diesel aircraft engines in 160, 180 and 200 HP. These are non-certified aviation inverted/upright/vertical shaft V-4 engines that will contain a starter, supercharger, fuel pump, water pump, oil pump, turbo charger, intercooler system, alternator, and exhaust system.

  • Ryan Falconer Racing Engines

    Ryan Falconer builds the Falconer V12 specifically for aircraft and marine use. This is a racing engine that can be built to order in limited runs. The Falconer V12 was first introduced in 1990.

  • Wyman Gordon (Drop Dies)

    Wyman-Gordon Forgings has been providing the aerospace industry with forged parts for over 50 years, including engine components and precision tube fittings for commercial and military aircraft.

  • Aviasupport Inc.

    Aviasupport Inc. (ASI) offers aircraft maintenance solutions to the aviation industry. ASI represents several MRO providers of aircraft maintenance engineering and leasing services, specializing in turbine engine and comercial aircraft landing gear maintenance.

  • Mena Aircraft Engines (MAE)

    Mena Aircraft Engines (MAE) is an FAA Approved Certified Repair Station specializing in the custom overhaul of Lycoming and Continental piston aircraft engines.

  • River City Aircraft Engines

    River City Aircraft Engines offers overhauled engines backed up up by a 1 year/480 hour fully transferable warranty. You get your aircraft engine overhauled to factory new tolerances, including the complete overhaul of your cylinder assemblies.

  • Supreme Gear

    Supreme Gear serves the aerospace, defense, automotive, marine, medical and commercial industries. They are a manufacturer of precision machined parts and provide major aircraft builders with aircraft and missile engine gears, gear boxes, gear shafts, drives, sprockets and other components.

  • Westmont Industries

    Westmont offers turbine jet engine assembly stands for General Electric, Pratt and Whitney, and Rolls Royce engines. Westmont also offers an optional transfer crane that facilitates the manufacturing or rebuilding process.