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Glass windows and windshields for aircraft

Glass windows and windshields for aircraft

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  • PPG Industries

    PPG Aerospace offers aircraft glass and transparencies in the form of windshields, canopies, windscreens, windows, and electrochemical lenses and panels. Industries served include OEM and aftermarket aviation (military, regional, commercial, and general).

  • TBM Glass Inc

    TBM Glass offers aerospace and aircraft glass, as well as armored glass, for military and Boeing C-17 applications. Bullet resistant glass has been tested and passed Level 9 requirements.

  • Kopp Glass, Inc

    Kopp Glass offers aerospace and defense glass components, such as aircraft lenses, night vision imaging systems filter glass, and airfield lenses. Aircraft lighting and landing lenses include lenses and lens covers, contour shapes, Fresnel and color filter lenses, glass domes and cylinders, custom shapes, and more.

  • GKN Aerospace

    GKN Aerospace is a provider of military and commercial aircraft transparencies. They also offer design, analysis, testing and certification of military canopies, cockpit windows and passenger windows. Products are used by major aircraft OEM’s and commercial and military aircraft.

  • Texstars LLC

    Texstars provides civil and military aircraft glass and transparencies for commercial and defense aircraft programs. Aircraft platforms include canopies, windshields, windows, quarter panels, and many types of lenses.

  • Gentex Corporation

    Gentex dimmable aircraft window systems are lightweight and self-contained with no moving parts. A window-seat controller allows the passenger to activate the system and change the amount of visible light entering the cabin.

  • Triumph Group Inc.

    Triumph Group manufactures aircraft windows and glass for flight decks and cabins to your specifications. They are an original equipment window manufacturer for Beechcraft, Learjet, Cessna, Piper, HondaJet, Gulfstream, Boeing, and The Spaceship Company.

  • American Polarizers, Inc.

    API are an FAA/PMA approved manufacturer of Eclipse polarized window elements for aircraft, for both OEM and aftermarket applications. These sunlight control systems are available for Beechcraft King Airs, Beechjets, Falcons, Hawker Siddleys, and Westwinds. API's King Air Windows are made for C90, C90A, E90, F90, A99, B99, C99, 100, 200, 300, and 1900 aircraft.

  • Great Lakes Aero Products, Inc.

    Great Lakes Aero are manufacturers of aircraft glass, windshields and windows for general aviation applications. They build molds and dies on site, make blown or formed parts, assemble vent windows, make wing tip lenses, and more.

  • LP Aero Plastics Inc

    LP Aero Plastics offers FAA/PMA aircraft windshields and windows for the general aviation market. They hold over 1600 FAA/PMA's for about 500 aircraft and have many new products being developed in R&D.

  • Perkins Aircraft Servces, Inc.

    Perkins Aircraft offers aircraft window manufacturing with in-house engineering, design, tooling, certification and production. Products range from F15 canopies and DC-10 windshields to wingtip lenses and passenger windows.