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Aircraft ground power units are vehicles or built in units capable of supplying power to aircraft parked on the ground via 3 phase 4-wire insulated cable capable of handling 200 amps.

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  • Sky Geek

    Sky Geek's aviation management ground power units provide 1800 peak amps, 2400 peak amps, or 4500 peak amps - with 28.5 volts DC output if plugged into AC power. Designed to perform aircraft starting and maintenance functions, the ground power units are used on Beechcraft King Air models, Citation 500 and 550 series, Embraer Bandierante 110, Cessna Caravan 208, and Piper Cheyenne Series aircraft.

  • Allied International

    Allied International distributes Tronair-brand ground support equipment used for Airbus, Bell, Boeing, CASA, Canadair, Cessna, Dassault, DeHavilland, Eclipse, Embraer, Eurocopter, Fairchild, Fokker, General Dynamics, Gulfstream, LearJet, Lockheed, Pilatus, Raytheon, Saab, Sabreliner, Shorts, and Sikorsky aircraft.