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Transmit signals and communications from various aircraft systems. Types include dipoles, biconical, colinear and miniature.

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  • TechComm

    Tech Comm is a designer and manufacturer of Radio Direction Finder antennas for aircraft and mobile platforms. Custom and standard designs are available. Standard DF antenna models are typically broadband antennas covering HF through UHF (2.0 MHz to 2700 MHz).

  • API Technologies Corp - Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions

    Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products' products are built for military/aerospace applications, including aircraft, weapons guidance systems, missile defense, secure communications and military vehicles. Antenna types include aperture, slots, loops/magnetic dipole, planar, helical, and others.

  • Myers Engineering International

    Myers Engineering International offers airborne and aircraft antennas, as well as military antennas, for low speed aircraft from 800 MHz to 26 GHz. Yagi-Uda Antenna Arrays are also available, suited for spread spectrum and broadband applications from 400 MHz to 6 GHz.