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Many types of aerospace and aircraft applications employ the use of batteries for a wide array of electricity supply requirements.

Many types of aerospace and aircraft applications employ the use of batteries for a wide array of electricity supply requirements.

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  • Gill

    Gill is a large manufacturer of aircraft batteries for dozens of aircraft companies. Gill batteries are used by Bell Helicopter, Cessna, Gulfstream Aerospace, Learjet, McDonnell Douglas Helicopter, Mooney Aircraft, Raytheon, Piper, Twin Commander Aircraft, and many, many more.

  • Concorde

    Concorde is a manufacturer of valve regulated (sealed) lead-acid batteries (VRB) for aircraft, marine, and medical, applications, as well as flooded lead-acid batteries for commercial and military aircraft. Original equipment batteries are supplied to Adam Aircraft, Learjet, Cessna, Commander Aircraft, Enstrom Helicopter, Gulfstream, Beechcraft, Liberty Aerospace, Piper, Slingsby Aviation, and many others.

  • Storage Battery Systems, Inc. (SBS)

    SBS offers their SS Series aviation starting batteries. SS batteries can typically be found in aircraft by Cessna, Beech, Raytheon, Bell, Sikorsky, Lockhead, Gulfstream & others. These aircraft batteries are available in capacities from 10 A/h to 41 A/h, 24 volt VRLA monoblocks. The SS Series is UL recognized and conforms to FAA design specifications, MIL 8565J and IEC 952-1.

  • Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.

    Aircraft Spruce is a distributor of aircraft batteries by Gill, Concorde, Odyssey, ATP, Avionics, ELT, Homebuilders, Powersonic and Yumicrom. Aircraft battery chargers and accessories are also available.

  • Advanced Power Products

    Advanced Power Products is a distributor of aircraft batteries. Types include sealed AGM aerospace and aviation batteries. Also available are marine, yacht, recreational vehicle, RV,photovoltaic, solar and industrial batteries.

  • Sky Geek

    Sky Geek is an online supplier of Concorde aircraft batteries for American Champion, Cessna, Cirrus Design, Maules, Mooney, Piper, Beechcraft, Robinson, Socata and Tiger aircraft. There are dozens of other aircraft parts and components also available from Sky Geek.

  • AirSuppliers

    AirSuppliers is a supplier of aircraft batteries from Concorde, Gill and ELT. Aside from standard aircraft batteries, AirSuppliers also offers batteries for ground support vehicles.

  • Odyssey (West Coast Batteries, Inc.)

    Odyssey aircraft batteries are available in a drycell design for mounting in any orientation, have a two year storage life when stored at 77°F (25°C), and feature 70% of rated starting power delivered at -4°F (-20°C). Odyssey aircraft batteries are used for smaller aircraft.

  • AeroParts & Supply

    AeroParts & Supply is a distributor of Teledyne Gill aircraft batteries that have Federal Aviation Administration-Parts Manufacturer Approval (FAA-PMA). Offered are a 12 volt series, 24 volt series, military series, sealed valve regulated series, and a ground power series.

  • Wilco Inc.

    Wilco is a distributor of aircraft batteries, parts and supplies, providing everything from Concorde aircraft batteries to aircraft quality 4130 steel sheet. Wilco is a full stocking distributor of aviation parts for Piper, Cessna, Beech, and many others.

  • Chief Aircraft Inc

    Chief Aircraft is a distributor of Concorde aircraft batteries. Types include lead acid and RG (recombinant gas). The Concorde RG Battery line features offers full aerobatic capability and operability in any position.

  • Quallion

    Quallion manufactures numerous aircraft batteries that perform critical functions, including providing energy to emergency, ventilation, hydraulic, and back-up power systems. Applications include aircraft batteries that can support essential equipment in crisis mode for 30-60 minutes, to emergency distress beacons and lighting systems.

  • Saft

    Saft is an aircraft battery supplier to the aviation industry, producing batteries for all types of civil and military aircraft. Offered are batteries that provide power for engine starting, for emergency back-up and auxiliary power units, and for emergency systems.

  • Aero Quality

    Aero Quality is a provider of aircraft batteries, aircraft battery cells and parts, battery servicing equipment, ground support equipment, and aircraft battery servicing.

  • Wicks Aircraft Supply

    Wicks Aircraft is a supplier of aircraft batteries. Two amp choices of 25-225 CCA or 35-250 CCA are available.

  • Airparts

    Airparts is a distributor of aircraft batteries from Concorde and Gill. Other aircraft components available include altitude encoders, lighting, current limiters, antennas, power relays, voltage regulators, and more.

  • Desser Tire & Rubber Co.

    Desser is a distributor of Gill aircraft batteries. Features include FAA-PMA approval, low-maintenance hybrid construction, and M.S. non-spill vent caps.