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  • Fastener Dimensions, Inc.

    Fastener Dimensions is a manufacturer and distributor of AN, MS, NA ans NAS fasteners and related aircraft, aerospace and military components and hardware. Fastener Dimensions can manufacture custom bolts for a wide array of applications and modify products to blueprint specifications.

  • Marketing Masters, Inc.

    Marketing Masters Inc manufactures a large selection of high tech inserts and clip nuts for aerospace and aircraft applications. OEM models include clipnuts designed for Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

  • Fastenal

    Fastenal is a distributor of a wide array of hex nuts, lock nuts, jam nuts, heavy hex nuts, wing nuts, acorn nuts, flange nuts, coupling nuts, square nuts, castle nuts, high nuts, allen nuts, tee nuts slotted nuts and more for a large array of aerospace and military applications.

  • Alcoa Fastening Systems - AFS

    Alcoa Fastening Systems offers a variety of aerospace fasteners including various wrenchable nuts, anchor nuts, gang channels, clinch and stake nuts and bearing nuts in a large selection of sizes.

  • Mil-Spec Fasteners Corp.

    Mil-Spec Fasteners Corp manufactures nuts and bolts for aircraft and aerospace applications including hex nuts, lock nuts, plate nuts, cap nuts, clinch nuts and keps nuts. Mil-Spec Fasteners Corp offers nuts in a large array of standard and custom sizes from a variety of materials.

  • K & R Fasteners, Inc.

    K & R Fasteners Inc offers a varied inventory of fastener products that includes nuts that satisfy NAS, AN, and MS application requirements. Nut types from K & R include right angle plate self locking nuts, airframe castellated nuts, engine slotted nuts, plain engine nuts, wing nuts, castle nuts and many more.

  • Integrity Fasteners, Inc.

    Integrity Fasteners Inc manufactures a variety of specialty fasteners and other hardware. Integrity Fasteners offers a large selection of nuts for military, aerospace and specialty applications at competitive prices from a large array of materials.

  • Diamond Fasteners

    Diamond Fasteners is a distributor of of fasteners, components and electronic hardware for aerospace and military applications. Diamond Fasteners carries a large selection of AN, MS, NAS and NASM military standard including rivet nuts, floating nuts, gang channel nuts, hex nuts, nut plates and self locking nuts.

  • Accurate Screw Machine Corp.

    Accurate Screw Machine is a division of MW Industries that specializes in aerospace hardware including a large selection of nuts in styles such as blind nut style, hand phenolic, hex machine, hex thumb with collar, round thumb with collar, hex nylon, knurled, knurled thumb with collar, nylon cap, nylon lock, nylon self-threading, nylon slotted, nylon thumb, nylon wing and potentiometer control nuts.

  • HC Pacific

    HC Pacific is a leading distributor of aerospace fasteners including a large selection of NAS, AS, MS, AN bolts and nuts with an inventory that includes various lengths of drilled fasteners and engines bolts comprised of assorted alloys including steel, A286 and titanium.

  • Wyandotte Industries Inc

    Wyandotte Industries is a distributor of screw machine products and specialized aircraft and aerospace nuts from materials including low and medium alloy steels, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and bronze and in a variety of OD sizes from 11/32" round to 4 5/8" round and 11/32" hex to 4" hex.

  • Rapid Rivet & Fastener Co

    Rapid Rivet & Fastener Corp offers a large variety of fastener products for aeropsace and military applications including solid rivets, rivet nuts, threaded inserts, speed fastening products and a variety of tools and accessories.

  • Whittet-Higgins Co

    Whittet-Higgens Co is a designer and manufacturer of commercial and precision retaining devices including a large assortment of aerospace nuts, washers, collars and mechanical locks.

  • Webson Fasteners Inc

    Webson Fasteners in an industry expert in supplying commercial hardware and aerospace fasteners including a wide array of machine screws, cap screws and aerospace nuts built to MIL-1222H & FF-S-86C specifications in materials including A-325, Monel 400, 40S and KSCO. Standard & exotic coatings include ceramic composite.

  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    MSC Industrial Supply Co offers a large assortment of aerospace and mil-spec fasteners including nuts in a wide array of sizes in many different material options.

  • Av-Tech Industries, Inc.

    AV-Tech Industries is a distributor of aerospace and commercial hardware and offers a full line of aerospace nuts including finished hex nuts, heavy hex nuts, jam nuts, square nuts, machine nuts, dome nuts , cap nuts, wing nuts, weld nuts and speed nuts in a large selection of seizes.

  • Freundlich Supply Co., Inc.

    Freundlich Supply Co provides high-performance fasteners to the aerospace industry from its stock of over 7,000 different parts. Freundlich Supply specializes in a large assortment of aerospace fasteners including a large array of aerospace nuts in standard and metric sizes..

  • G-Fast Distribution, Inc.

    G-Fast Distribution Inc offers custom fasteners and components in military specifications and in any production quantity. G-Fast Distribution Incspecializes in nuts that are manufactured to meet required specifications from all materials include carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, super alloys and non-ferrous aluminum, brass and copper. Nuts from G-fast can be cold-formed or hot formed.

  • Fred A. Moehring, Inc.

    Fred A. Moehring Inc offers a large selection of nuts for aircraft, aerospace and military applications including AN, MS, NAS, acorn, aircraft, bearing lock, castellated, clinch, drilled, electrical, flange, heavy, hex, jam, knurled, lock, machine screw, metric, sealing, self-locking, slotted, weld, wing, and more.

  • Doran Specialties

    Doran Specialties is a distributor of a large array of aerospace fastener components including nuts and rivets in many materials as well as configurations including cap nuts, left hand machine screw nuts, square tee nuts, weld nuts, wing nuts and many more.