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  • Fastener Dimensions, Inc.

    Fastener Dimensions distributes MS, Cherrylock (NAS certified), CherryMax, Huck, and Olympic (NAS and MLS certified) blind rivets, along solid rivets that meet AN, MS, NAS, and BAC aerospace specifications.

  • Alcoa Fastening Systems - AFS

    Alcoa Fastening Systems produces a line of blind rivets available as general purpose, bulbed, mechanically-lock-spindle types with 100 degree flush head; or high strength, pull, positive mechanical lock types with protruding head. The various blind rivets are built in accordance to SMLS100, SMLSP, OSMLSP, OSMLS100 standards.

  • Mil-Spec Fasteners Corp.

    Mil-Spec Fasteners Corp. manufactures a line of aerospace rivets including tubular rivets, solid rivets, blind rivets, drive rivets, pop rivets, and split rivets. The company's line of blind rivets includes cherry blind, all fast blind, and military blind types.

  • The Fastener Group

    The Fastener Group is a stocking distributor of aerospace fasteners including blind rivets, oval tubular rivets, solid rivets, and tubular rivets. Blind aerospace rivets supplied by the company include 100 degree, 100 degree flush, countersunk, non-structural, protruding, and structural types. The various blind rivets conform to NAS military specifications.

  • Rapid Rivet & Fastener Co

    Rapid Rivet & Fastener Co. distributes solid rivets, semi-tubular rivets, blind rivets, and drive rivets for the aerospace and commercial industries. The company's inventory of blind rivets include closed end rivets, easy entry rivets, load spreading rivets, micro rivets, multi-grip rivets, open end rivets, self plugger rivets, soft set rivets, T rivets, and ultra grip rivets.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger distributes Hanson Rivet-brand aerospace blind rivets that feature diameters ranging from 1/8" to 5/32", with rivet lengths of 1/4" to 3/4". The rivets are available with either 100-degree countersunk or universal head types.

  • UltraTech Industries Co

    UltraTech Industries Co. supplies a number of rivets including ones used in aerospace and aircraft applications. Rivet types include: blind, blind threaded, closed end, drive pin, multi-grip, open end, semi-tubular, solid, and structural.

  • Diamond Fasteners

    Diamond Fasteners distributes AN, MS, NAS, and NASM military specification rivets including solid rivets, semi-tubular rivets, blind rivet, and drive rivets. The various military and aerospace rivets feature round, flat, truss, oval, universal, countersunk, brazier, dome, large flange, and liner head styles.

  • Webson Fasteners Inc

    Webson Fasteners Inc. distributes aircraft rivets, blind rivets, blind aircraft and aerospace rivets, military specification riviets, and AN, MS, NAS, and NASM-certified rivets.

  • Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.

    Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company is a supplier of Cherry aerospace blind rivets available in countersunk or universal models. These self-plugging, aerospace rivets feature grip range from .063 to .500 with nominal diameter of 1/8" or 5/32".

  • Av-Tech Industries, Inc.

    Av-Tech Industries distributes AN, MS, and NAS aerospace and commercial fasteners including blind rivets, solid rivets, and semi-tubular rivets.

  • Freundlich Supply Co., Inc.

    Freundlich Supply Co. maintains an a large inventory of aerospace products including blind rivets. The company provides aerospace equipment manufactured by SPS Technologies, Greer Stop Nut, Maclean Esna, Republic, Alcoa, Bristol Industries, and Abbott.

  • Doran Specialties

    Doran Specialties distributes AN, MS, commercial, blind, and tubular rivets. The company supplies various AN-MS-NAS-BAC specified parts manufactured by Alcoa, Amaton, Amp, Assoc. Spring, Concord, ESNA, H.N. Smith, Hollingsworth, Molex, Panduit, Parker Seal, PIC, RAF, Richco, Seastrom, Shakeproof, Southco, Tinnerman, Useco, Waldes Truarc, and Zierick.