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  • Fastener Dimensions, Inc.

    Fastener Dimensions offers a complete inventory of fastener bolts and screw products for military and aerospace applications that meet the standards of AN-NAS-MS-NASM specifications. Screws come in materials such as alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium and other specialty materials.

  • Integrity Fasteners, Inc.

    Integrity Fasteners is a distributor of a large array of military and aerospace hardware including AN, NAS, MS ans NASM machine screw products from materials including alloy steel, 300 series stainless steel and A286 stainless as well as many specialty materials.

  • Fastenal

    Fastenal is a distributor of many types of aerospace quality screws including machine screws, self-drilling screws, threaded rolling screws, wing screws, thumb screws, jack crews and more in many sizes.

  • Mil-Spec Fasteners Corp.

    Mil-Spec Fasteners Corp offers a variety of aerospace hardware and fastener products including an assortment of screws like machine screws, hexagon socket cap screws, sem screws, captive screws, set screws and miniature screws.

  • Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc.

    New Jersey based Aerospace Manufacturing Inc manufactures and distributes a large supply of aircraft fasteners including many screw products including screws that satisfy AN, MS, NA, NAS and many other special requirements.

  • K & R Fasteners, Inc.

    K&R Fasteners is a distributor of a wide array of fastener products including many types of aerospace screws that satisfy requirements of NAS, AN, MS standards. Screw types include slotted machine screws, tapping screws, flat head screws, round head screws and fillister screws.

  • The Fastener Group

    The Fastener Group specializes in supplying a large selection of military and aerospace fasteners including a variety of screws. Screw types include hi torque screws, recessed screws, cap screws, fillister screws, externally relieve body screws, close tolerance screws, tapping screws, wood screws, set screws self locking screws socket shoulder screws and more.

  • UltraTech Industries Co

    Ultra Tech Industries offers a variety of aerospace fasteners including many screw styles such as cap screws, plastic, nylon or metal anchors, construction screws, socket screws and more in a large selection of sizes.

  • Diamond Fasteners

    Diamond Fasteners carries a wide variety of machine screws, tapping screws, AN screws, NAS screws and MS screws including captive, drive, machine, set, Sems, self-tapping, shoulder, and seal screws. Materials include carbon, alloy, stainless, brass, bronze, aluminum and more. Industries served include military, aerospace, defense, mechanical, original equipment manufacturers, petro-chemical, power generation and mass transit.

  • Accurate Screw Machine Corp.

    Accurate Screw Machine Corp offers a full line of hex and jack screws including standard jack screws, metric jack screws, hex cap screws, hex cap slotted screws, hex head slotted screws, hex machine screws & hex socket cap screws. Screws from ASM come in aluminum, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, nylon, Delrin and Teflon for military and aerospace applications.

  • HC Pacific

    HC Pacific is a global leader in aerospace fasteners and carries a line of over 8800 items. HC Pacific's inventory of aerospace screws includes a wide array of screw types in various lengths from materials including alloys, steel and titanium.

  • Nova Fasteners Co., Inc.

    Nova Fasteners is a distributor of a large variety of aerospace fasteners including many types of mil-spec screws. Screw types include flat screws, hex wash screws, deck screws, hex cap screws, acoustical lag screws, concrete screws and self drilling screws.

  • Qualified Fasteners

    Qualified Fasteners Inc specializes in stocking a wide array of mil-spec and aerospace screws including corrosion resistant screws, brass screws, bronze screws, aluminum alloy screws, carbon steel screws, magnetic and non magnetic screws.

  • Webson Fasteners Inc

    Webson Fasteners Inc supplies a vast selection of screw products for aircraft and aerospace applications including metric screws, lead screws, locking screws, machine screws, self-sealing/locking screws, jackscrews, tapping screws, tapped head screws, tantalum screws, socket set screws, instrument screws, hexagon head screws, button head cap screws and many more.

  • Av-Tech Industries, Inc.

    Av-Tech Industries is a leading supplier of commercial and aerospace hardware including many AN, MS, NAS aerospace screws such as tapping screws, machine screws, self drilling screws, Sems screws, thumb screws jack screws and slotted set screws.

  • Fred A. Moehring, Inc.

    Fred A. Moehring Inc carries a wide array of fastener products including many screw types that can be used in aerospace settings. Screw styles include AN, MAS, MS, miniature, seal, self-drilling, Sems, shoulder, tamper proof, tapping, thread forming and more.

  • Doran Specialties

    Doran Specialties carries a variety of fastener products including screws for industrial and aerospace applications. Screws include a large selection of cap, flat, hex and fillister screws as well as leveling screws, lock screws and jack screws.

  • Freundlich Supply Co., Inc.

    Freundlich Supply Co carries a large line of high quality aerospace screw products in a wide array of sizes and from a large assortment of materials.