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Aircraft fittings connect two or more larger parts in a variety of piping systems and gas lines.

Aircraft fittings connect two or more larger parts in a variety of piping systems and gas lines.

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  • Precision Fittings Inc

    Precision Fittings Inc. manufactures aircraft, aerospace, and military fittings including pipe plugs, pressure-type hexagon socket pipe plugs, hexagon sockets and head, and high quality fittings all constructed of steel, stainless steel, or brass.

  • Cargo Systems, Inc.

    Cargo Systems Inc. manufactures 12 jaw seat fittings and track stud seating fittings for aircraft applications. The 12 jaw fittings feature a round ring or 1" threaded stud, a vertical load rating of 5475 lbs., and a horizontal load rating of 2300 lbs. The track stud fittings are 1.18" high and have a strength rating of 5,000 lbs.

  • Fastener Dimensions, Inc.

    Fastener Dimensions is a manufacturer and stocking distributor of MIL-F-5509 flared fittings and MIL-F-18280 flareless fittings that feature aluminum, steel, and stainless steel construction. The various fitting types meet AM, MS, AN standards.

  • Herber Aircraft Service Inc

    Herber Aircraft Service Inc. produces Eaton-brand aircraft fittings and hoses including aluminum fittings, crimp fitting, reusable Teflon fittings, and breakaway fittings. The company also distributes aircraft products - including fittings and hoses - manufactured by Flexfab, LORD, Rynglok, Thermoid, Perkin-Elmer, Stanley Aviation Sierracin-Harrison, and Stanley Aviation Aurora.

  • SAE Products

    SAE Products is a supplier AS grease fittings, NAS grease fittings, aircraft fittings, mil-spec grease fittings, aviation grease fittings, and MS grease fittings that meet SAE AS35411 standards. The various grease fittings feature flush, straight, 45 degree, 90 degree, 30 degree, and 67 degree configurations; along with monel, leakproof, and stainless steel construction.

  • Diamond Fasteners

    Diamond Fasteners distributes military specification fittings including AN, NAS, NASM and MS fittings. Specific fitting types include: hydraulic, fluid, bulkhead, union, tee, straight, flareless, flared aluminum, flared stainless, sleeves, pipe, aircraft and aerospace, elbow, and fluid tube.

  • Mil-Spec Fasteners Corp.

    Mil-Spec Fasteners Corp. produces AN fittings, MS fitting, and military fittings.

  • Marketing Masters, Inc.

    Marketing Masters Inc. manufactures aerospace and commercial airline clip nuts, press fit inserts, and potted-in inserts. The clip nuts reduce the potential for corrosion on aircraft structure applications such as securing flooring or interior trim.

  • B & S Aircraft Alloys, Inc.

    B & S Aircraft Alloys Inc. provides butt-weld fittings, pressure fittings, forged steel pipe fittings, and various flanges constructed of stainless, nickel alloys, alloy 20, titanium, zirconium, carbon, alloy and aluminum. The company offers special weld fittings that feature stub ends of 1/2 to 48 and wall sizes of 1.25 to 2.00.

  • Ver Sales Inc

    Ver Sales Inc. distributes a variety of fitting types including: ball, bullet eye, fork end, eye end, threaded stud, stake eye, strap eye, strap fork, threaded terminal, and sleeve & stop.

  • Thuro Metal Products

    Thuro Metal Products manufactures a line of tube fittings for the aviation, aerospace, pneumatic, electronic, and hydraulic industries. Fitting types including dynatube tube, parker tube, statoflex tube.

  • Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.

    Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company supplies a variety of aviation fitting types including: AN, brass, cable, float, fuel system, grease, hose/tubing, instrument, locking, manifold, primer, PVC, rib, seal, socket, spar, vacuum pump, airborne, aeroquip, matco, nylo-seal, poly-flo, rapco, sigma-tek, stratoflex, and weatherhead.

  • Jet-Tek

    Jet-Tek is a distributor of aircraft and military (AN, MS, and NAS) fittings manufactured by Alcoa Fastening Systems, SPS Technologies, SouthCo, Rosan, Republic Fastener, Monadnock, Kaynar, Fairchild Camloc, Fairchild Rosan, Cherry, Cinch, and Duetsch. The company also supplies aerospace, aircraft and military sleeves.

  • Chief Aircraft Inc

    Chief Aircraft Inc. distributes aircraft fittings manufactured by Airborne, Rapco Inc., and Sigma-Tek.

  • A.N.S. Machine, LLC

    A.N.S. Machine LLC specializes in CNC turning and milling. The company custom machines bar stock, plate stock, along with various casting, forgings, and extrusions.

  • The Lee Co.

    The Lee Company supplies precision flow restrictors, plugs, valves, and safety screens for aerospace and other critical applications.

  • Integrity Fasteners, Inc.

    Integrity Fasteners Inc. distributes military nuts and bolts, military-spec fasteners, and aerospace fasteners. All the products are available as AN, NAS, MS, and NASM-certified types, and are constructed of alloy steel, 300 series stainless steel, or A286 stainless.

  • Av-Tech Industries, Inc.

    Av-Tech Industries distributes various AN, MS, and NAS aerospace fastener products including pneumatic fittings, hydraulic fittings, and swage fittings.

  • Aerospace Fittings

    Aerospace Fittings Inc. manufactures aerospace hydraulic fittings and pneumatic fittings including its AS series, BAC series, MS series, AN series, and PA series.

  • Industrial Specialties Mfg.

    Industrial Specialties Mfg. is a manufacturer and distributor of miniature pneumatic, vacuum and fluid circuitry components. Available products include fittings for aerospace applications made of a variety of metals and plastics. Filters and quick disconnect couplings are also available.