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Aircraft pumps are used to transmit a variety of liquids such as fuels, coolants or water into their corresponding systems.

Aircraft pumps are used to transmit a variety of liquids such as fuels, coolants or water into their corresponding systems.

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  • Weldon Pumps

    Weldon Pumps engineers, designs and develops aircraft pumps in nearly a half dozen styles, primarily for the OEM market. Applications include priming/pressurizing aircraft, emergency/fuel boost for aircraft, fuel for cabin heaters, fuel transfer, and fuel transfer with crossfeed capability.

  • Sprague Systems Engineering (Maney Aircraft)

    Maney Aircraft offers aircraft parts, system support and services. Their Sprague Sytems Engineering division produces hydraulic pumps and special/modified pumps. They have three lines of hydraulic pumps with 40 models available. There are also four models of special and modified pumps to choose from.

  • TR Engineering, Inc.

    TR Engineering designs and manufactures hydraulic hand pumps and cylinders for ground support applications, including jet engine and missile trailers, aircraft tow bars and trailer leveling stabilizers, and NASA Space Shuttle (aerospace) support equipment.

  • AZ Hydraulic Engineering, Inc.

    AZ Hydraulic is a manufacturer of air-operated liquid hydraulic pumps for the aircraft, automotive, and industrial markets. AZ pumps feature 25 different pressure ranges up to 50,000 PSI on shop air.

  • CEF Industries

    CEF Industries produces pumps used for avionics cooling on F-15 and B-2 aircraft. These electonic cooling pumps are submersible designs and are field proven on the Titan missile, F-15 radar system, and the B-2 radar system. Hydrodynamic bearing pumps have unusually long life pumping oil, coolanol, Ethylene Glycol and water.

  • Supreme Gear

    Supreme Gear has the capability to produce pumps for aircraft, military and aerospace applications, including Airbus, Douglas, and Boeing aircraft, NASA's space shuttle, the F-4B and F-4C Phantom fighters, the B1 Lancer bomber, and the M1A1 tank, M113 armored personnel carrier, and M88A1 recovery vehicle.

  • The Gorman-Rupp Co.

    Gorman-Rupp manufactures pumps designed for pumping clean, non-abrasive petroleum products, including aircraft fuels and petrochemicals. The O Series (Power Take-Off) self-priming centrifugal power take-off pumps are ideal for handling aircraft fuels.

  • Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows

    Senior Aerospace offers metal bellows compressor/vacuum pumps for 400 Hz aircraft motors. Typical applications include potable water system compressors or vacuum waste system pumps in aircraft.

  • Planet Products Corp.

    Planet Products Corporation is a contract manufacturer that produces hydraulic pumps for defense, aerospace, industrial and machine tool markets. Their hydraulic products have also been used for such applications as personnel carrier turret operation and submarine controls.

  • Kinetic Ceramics, Inc.

    Kinetic Ceramics manufactures piezoelectric fluid pumps for the aerospace and defense industries. This piezoelectric pump can provide output pressures up to 5000 psi and flow rates from 1 cc/min up to 11 liters/min.  Standard hydraulic fluids, low lubricity liquids and corrosives are all easily handled.

  • Pacific Design Technologies (PDT)

    Pacific Design Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of pumps for the aerospace and defense industries. PDT pumps are designed for fluid circulation in liquid cooling and lubrication systems, and can be used in ground vehicle, military aircraft, and space applications.

  • IDEX Health & Science

    IDEX is a distributor of peristaltic, piston, dispense and vacuum pumps for a large number of markets, including aircraft, transportation, and medical devices. Brands include Ismatec and Sapphire Engineering.

  • Sutherland & Associates of Los Angeles

    Sutherland and Associates is a manufacturers representative and distributor for dispensing equipment, including industrial pumps for the aircraft and aerospace markets.

  • Meggitt Airdynamics

    Meggitt Airdynamics is a manufacturer of pumps for the defense, marine and aerospace sectors. They specifically supply high performance fluid dynamics products for extreme environments in aerospace and defense.