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Aircraft seats come in many shapes and sizes including cockpit seats, reclining passenger seats, bench seats and commercial airliner seats.

Aircraft seats come in many shapes and sizes including cockpit seats, reclining passenger seats, bench seats and commercial airliner seats.

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  • Quality Foam Packaging, Inc.

    Quality Foam is a fabricator of custom foam aircraft seats, including seat cushions, fire-block, and dress covers. QP supplies aircraft seats to international and domestic airlines, aircraft seat manufacturers, and aircraft manufacturers. Ethafoam is a material designed to meet the Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 25.853 (a) for commercial aircraft interior compartment components. Plastazote foams are able to meet the requirements of FAR/CS 25.853(a) App F Pt I.

  • DeCrane Aerospace

    DeCrane Aerospace designs, tests and builds lightweight 16g and 9g aircraft seats and divans. DeCrane's OEM customers include Agusta, Bell Helicopter, Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault Falcon Jet, Embraer, Eurocopter, Gulfstream, Northrup-Grumman, Piaggio, Pilatus, Raytheon, and Sikorsky.

  • Aero Seating Technologies (AST)

    AST provides 9g and 16g executive aircraft seats for a wide range of applications, including wide body, narrow body, business jets, and WIP aircraft. AST aircraft seats are characterized by ergonomic comfort and lightweight construction. 16g and 9g divans are available in single-place and two-place modules, or combined for three-place and multiple-place seating arrangements if required.

  • ORO Manufacturing Co.

    ORO offers nearly 200 configurations of aircraft seats for manufacturers such as Bell Helicopter/Textron, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing Aerospace/Boeing Helicopters Division, and United Technologies/Sikorsky Aircraft Division. Different aircraft seats, such as one-man, two-man, three-man, four-man, five-man, variable width, free-standing and bench style, are available.

  • First State Manufacturing (FSM)

    First State Manufacturing provides aircraft seats for small or private planes, larger corporate aircraft, and all military aircraft. All FSM aircraft seats meet or exceed necessary FAA fire retardancy requirements. They also reupholster existing seating, as well as offering any textile products you may need for your aircraft.

  • Wicks Aircraft Supply

    Wicks' cloth aircraft seats are made of material that meets many safety and wear resistance standards. Choose from three popular colors. The seat bottom has a one inch thick piece of temper foam. Three aircraft seat foam densities are also available.

  • TIMCO Aerosystems

    TIMCO Aerosystems' aircraft seats fly on some of the largest global operators, government agencies, and small aircraft. Their certification capabilities are comprehensive. The 3100 FeatherWeight Economy aircraft seat is a fixed-back, no-cushion seat designed to serve high density configurations (29" to 30" pitch recommendation).

  • Preferred Airparts

    Preferred Air Parts picks up miscellaneous aircraft seats and posts them on their web site for sale. They typically have many aircraft seats for 300 and 400 series Twin Cessnas, including pilot, copilot, passenger and potty seats.

  • Aero Seats

    Aero Seats finds Cessna replacement aircraft seats and brings them straight to the customer. Typically, you will find single engine Cessna articulating aircraft seats that should fit any 11" seat rails. Also, you can typically find pilot and co-pilot Cessna seating, as well as interior sets.

  • Hexatron Engineering

    Hexatron Engineering offers cabin attendant aircraft seat assemblies. These are wall or bulkhead mounted, single passenger aircraft seats, designed primarily for intermittent use. They can be forward or aft-facing.

  • Sport Aircraft Seats

    Sport Aircraft Seats does overhauling and upholstering. Features include layerd foam for added comfort and 10' deep pockets. Aircraft seats are available in leather, fabric or sheepskin.

  • Wisconsin Foam Products

    Wisconsin Foam is a supplier to other manufacturing and distribution companies. Applications include seating and padding in the aircraft, automotive and marine industries.

  • Great Lakes Foam Technologies

    Great Lakes Foam Technologies offers flex molded (HR) parts used in cushioning for military, automotive, marine, fitness and off-road vehicle applications. This foam can easily be modified to fit your specific needs.

  • Composite Resources

    Composite Resources is a leader in the design, prototyping and manufacture of composites. They have supplied prototypes for a broad variety of industries from aerospace to recreational, including aircraft seats.

  • RCO Engineering, Inc.

    RCO Engineering is a full service seating and soft trim product development company, specializing in the aerospace, defense, automotive and medical industries.