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Test stands are used for a variety of testing and quality assurance applications for inspecting aircraft parts and systems.

Test stands are used for a variety of testing and quality assurance applications for inspecting aircraft parts and systems.

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  • Habco, Inc.

    HABCO has manufactured and installed numerous component test stands designed to test air, oil, fuel and hydraulic components for the aerospace industry. Air flow, blade maintenance, oil flow and hydraulic pressure test stands are all available, amongst others.

  • Cincinnati Control Dynamics, Inc. (CCDI)

    CCDI develops non-destructive testing and airflow test stands for the aircraft industry. Available are three models of mass airflow systems for turbine engine components. There are also three models of EFA area flow systems for measuring vane rings and segments. A portable airflow test stand is also offered by CCDI.

  • Dayton T. Brown, Inc.

    DTB’s test stands and test systems are manufactured to support military, aerospace, transportation, medical and manufacturing applications. Types of test stands include automated pump, hydraulic motor, general purpose component, fuel, gear box and calibration systems.

  • Avtron Aerospace

    Avtron Aerospace offers systems for testing linear, servo and EHV, pump and motor, and hydraulic power units on an aircraft. Many Avtron Aerospace hydraulic test systems can operate above 5000 psi to meet aircraft flow and pressure test requirements.

  • DAE Industries

    DAE offers engine transport stands, aircraft maintenance stands, commercial and military docking stations, ground support equipment and aircraft service tooling. DAE's focus is on passenger, cargo, commuter and military support aircraft.

  • Barbour Stockwell Inc.

    BSi engineers provide drives and test rigs for testing rotating components under extreme conditions. Types of test stands include torpedo sonar function, US Navy, Pratt & Whitney, turbo-alternator power system, high temperature, and more.

  • Allied International

    Allied International offers Tronair ground support equipment, engine stands, hydraulic test units, thrust reverser test units, and slat test units. The Tronair Jetporter electric towbar-less tugs can be used for aircraft up to 100,000 lbs. Ground support equipment is available for Airbus, Boeing, Cessna, Canadair, Gulfstream, LearJet, Lockheed, Ratheon, and many other aircraft.

  • CME (Aerospace Control Products)

    CME's Model OTS-567B is a portable oxygen test stand for breathing regulators of 100% oxygen, diluter—demand and positive pressure types. A computer calculates the altitude, flow/leak rate, outlet pressure/suction, and ratio of added oxygen to the total flow.

  • Testek Inc.

    Testek engineers & builds custom & standard test stands for testing simple to complex applications. Their test stands serve aerospace, airlines, aircraft maintenance facilities, military, industrial, agricultural, automotive and nautical industries. Typical testing examples are: electromechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, power, fuel components, and lubrication, but their capabilities are not limited to these areas alone.

  • Hydraulics International, Inc.

    Hydraulics International offers hydraulic test equipment, such as portable hydraulic power supplies used on military aircraft and helicopters, portable hydraulic test stands for large, mid-size and small body commercial aircraft, aircraft tube and hose stands for testing aircraft tubing and hoses up to 30,000 PSIG, stationary hydraulic components test benches, hydraulic fluid servicing units, and more.

  • ATK

    ATK operates a research facility that serves the aerospace industry. Nine test stands that can be configured as needed to acquire critical data are featured. Data acquisition systems are available, as are combustion test studies that investigate fuel performance and design enhancements.

  • IVS Motor

    Aero Test Stands from IVS are used for aircraft generator and hydraulic pumps, and can be designed to your specification. Upgrades to your current test stand can also be accommodated. Features include complete mechanical and electrical systems, single or dual or tri-spindle design, portable and stationary units, and complete turnkey systems.

  • Maney Aircraft

    Maney Aircraft's Sprague Systems Engineering division produces standard and custom test stands for hydraulic, fuel and pneumatic equipment for aircraft. Capabilities include mobile test stands for aircraft control system performance verification, and automated production line test facilities.

  • Unico, Inc.

    Unico is a supplier of of test stands and test stand control systems for such applications as aerospace testing, complete vehicle testing, electric vehicles, diesel and automotive engines, transmission, axles, hydraulic pumps, and more.

  • Emprise Corp.

    Emprise Corporation offers their jet engine starter test stand that performs both starter performance and overrun testing on one stand. Emprise test stands are suitable for United Airlines, AlliedSignal and Hamilton Standard starters.

  • Neptech

    Neptech designs, builds and installs engine test stands for the aircraft industry. Offered are testing support systems for emissions testing, fuel, liquids and gases, water, oils, coolants, exhaust, combustion air and more.

  • Flotron

    Flotron provides ergonomic holding fixtures and test stands for such clients as Allied Signal, Northrop, Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Pratt & Whitney, and the U.S. Airforce, Army, Navy and government agencies.

  • Whitney Systems, Inc.

    Whitney Systems offers level sensor test stands that detect fuel levels in aircraft. Multiple sensors can be tested at one time.