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  • Vanguard Products Corp.

    Vanguard Products Corp. offers rubber and silicone tubing to the aerospace and military fluid conveyance industries. Military specifications include: ZZ-R-765, MIL-R-25988, AMS-R-25988, ASTMD2000 GE, ASTMD200 FK, etc. Capabilities and ranges for rubber/silicone tubing include: single, coextrusion, triextrusion, multi-lumen, multiple durometer, multiple material, custom formulation, bonding, special packaging, cutting from 0.010 inch thick to unlimited, etc.

  • Thomas A. Caserta, Inc.

    Thomas A. Caserta, Inc. offers silicone and rubber aerospace tubing. Silicone tubing is extremely elastic and resistant to the effects of weather, U.V., radiation, low temperatures, brake fluids, high analine point oils, and ozone. Silicone tubing is available in platnum-cured, peroxide-cured, low cost general purpose, and many other grades. Silicone tubing works best in temperatures ranging from -150° to 500°F. Rubber tubing is composed from a variety of materials, including: EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, SBR, Silicone, and Viton. Different materials are better suited to different applications depending on factors such as temperature, fluid, chemical, ozone, and abrasion resistance.

  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer offers silicone aerospace tubing. The outer diameter ranges from 2.1mm to 47.6mm and the inner diameter ranges from 0.02" to 1.5". The maximum temperature is 460° and the minimum temperature is -112°. Product brands offered include: Cole-Parmer, Dow Corning, Pure-Fit, Sani-Tech, and Versilic.