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Babbitt bearings are lined with a soft, white, anti-friction metal that is comprised mainly of copper, antimony, tin and lead. The material, known as Babbitt, is coated over the bore usually to a thickness 0.025 mm to 2.5 mm, and is typically used in integral bearings. Two major families of Babbitt metals are tin based and lead based. Tin-based Babbitt is used for high speed or hard to lubricate bearings, while lead-based Babbitt is used with low speed or heavy load bearings.

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  • Odessa Babbitt Bearing Co.

    Odessa is a manufacturer of babbitt bearings, offering replacement, re-manufactured, marine and turbine types. Bronze-backed designs are their standard replacement part. Steel-backed designs are a bi-metal replacement for the OEM's tri-metal part, consisting of a low carbon steel shell lined with a tin base. OBBCO also offers re-conditioned products.

  • Fusion Babbitting Co., Inc.

    Fusion offers repair, rebuilding, centrifugal casting, spray application, manufacture, reverse engineering and design, general fabrication and machining of babbitt bearings.

  • Canadian Babbitt Bearings

    Canadian manufactures babbitt bearings up to 84" outside diameter and lengths up to 64" with a maximum weight of 7 tons. They may be centrifugally cast with any grade of A.S.T.M. virgin babbitts. Manufacturing is done to OEM specifications, and re-conditioning services are offered. Products are used for hydraulic, steam, turbines, gas, compressors, gear drives, electric motors, pumps and more.

  • St. Louis Bearing, Inc.

    St. Louis Bearing specializes in babbitt and bronze bearings. They manufacture both standard and custom types in quantities anywhere from one to long-run OEM. Centrifugal casting from 2" to 36" in diameter and 2" to 72" in length, and static casting up to 8 feet in diameter are available. Applications include oil refineries, steel mills, and many others.

  • American Babbitt Bearing

    American manufactures bearings and provides repairs for fossil, hydro and nuclear power generating facilities, and cement, steel and paper producing facilities. American centrifugally casts products up to 120” OD using ASTM certified babbitt compositions, including babbitt liners, bronze HP/LP seal rings, journal and thrust types, motor repair and steel products.

  • Wheeler Industries

    Wheeler Industries designs and manufactures babbitt lined bearings, including journal and thrust types. Other sleeve bearing materials are also offered. Products are used in large motors, high-speed compressors, turbines and generators. Bronze products, high speed and replacement bearings are also available.

  • American Power Service

    American Power Service provides babbitt bearing repair and manufacturing. Applications include motors, pumps, turbines, generators, fans, and all types of rotating equipment. In the re-conditioning process products can be re-engineered to design specifications. Tin and lead based babbitted products are available.

  • City Machine Technologies, Inc.

    CMT specializes in babbitt bearings for all heavy industrial machinery. They can provide centrifugal casting of all sizes, as well as static cast, metalizing or TIG welding processes. Repair is available. ASTM B23-49 Grade 2 tin-based metals are used.

  • The Jensen Machine Co.

    Jensen Machine manufactures precision babbitt bearings and seals for turbines, electric motors, gear drives, compressors and generators. Manufacturing options include thrust and journal types, split or solid configurations, static or centrifugal casting, steel, bronze or cast iron backed, and much more.

  • Magnolia Metal Corp.

    Magnolia manufactures bearing bronze and babbitt metals. Grade II babbitt is standard and special alloys are available upon request. Magnolia's centrifugal cast machine is capable of spinning 3"-24" diameter bore, with a maximum length of 26". Capabilities include keyways, oil grooves, bronze castings and alloys, and semi-finished and finished bronze.

  • PME Babbitt Bearings

    PME offers repair and manufacturing of babbitt bearings and related components. Capabilities include centrifugal castings, static pouring, TIG repair, ultrasonic bond testing, and spherical grinding. PME products are used in the power generation, steel, motor repair, cement, pulp and paper, marine and heavy industries.

  • Babbitt Bearings, Inc.

    Babbit Bearings, Inc. manufactures OEM bearings, including journal, self equalizing, sleeve, tapered land, thrust, and tilting-shoe types. Options include stainless steel, bronze, cast iron or copper backings. They can also re-condition and repair your products with the highest grade metals available. Their anti-friction alloys conform to military specification QQ-T-390A, GRADE 2.

  • Milwaukee Bearing & Machining Inc.

    Milwaukee manufactures babbitt lined bearings. Offerings include halfshell, split journal and segmented types. Centrifugally casting of bearings up to 54" diameter are available. Alloys are cast on the outside diameter, inside diameter or both surfaces if required. Tolerances to .0005" (.0127mm) are maintained.

  • Babbitting Service, Inc.

    BSI supplies babbitt lined bearings and parts. They also manufacture and repair, including journal and split types, fan, gearbox, motor, pump and turbine products.

  • Cincinnati Babbitt, Inc.

    Cincinnati offers all types of babbitt bearings and repair services that meet or exceed OEM specs. All types can be manufactured, including large steam turbine and generator, hydroelectric guide, and tilt pad journal bearings. CBI offers repair using certified metals with centrifugal casting and machining capabilities.

  • W. Karr Inc.

    W. Karr Inc. provides babbitt bearing manufacturing and repair services, specializing in the manufacture and machining of antique automotive, truck, tractor, motorcycle and boat/marine engines. Services available include re-babbitting of connecting rods and engine blocks, and repair and manufacture of all types of bearings.

  • Industrial Babbitt Bearing Services, Inc

    Industrial specializes in the manufacture and repair of babbitted bearings to customer or O.E.M. specifications. Pump, electric motor, centrifugal, compressor, thrust, tilt pad and turbine types are available.

  • Washington Iron Works, Inc.

    Washington Iron Works, Inc. is a fabricator of plain type and babbitt lined bearings in standard and custom sizes.