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Babbitt bearings are lined with a soft, white, anti-friction metal that is comprised mainly of copper, antimony, tin and lead. The material, known as Babbitt, is coated over the bore usually to a thickness 0.025 mm to 2.5 mm, and is typically used in integral bearings. Two major families of Babbitt metals are tin based and lead based. Tin-based Babbitt is used for high speed or hard to lubricate bearings, while lead-based Babbitt is used with low speed or heavy load bearings.

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  • Magnolia Metal Corp.

    Magnolia manufactures bearing bronze and babbitt metals. Grade II babbitt is standard and special alloys are available upon request. Magnolia's centrifugal cast machine is capable of spinning 3"-24" diameter bore, with a maximum length of 26". Capabilities include keyways, oil grooves, bronze castings and alloys, and semi-finished and finished bronze.