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  • KMS Bearings, Inc.

    KMS manufactures pulley, insert, acetal, XR Series 4-point contact, and conveyor plastic ball bearings. KMS pulley/guide roll types are fitted with either 316 stainless or plastic raceways, and they can be integrated onto the outer ring to produce an "all in one" product. These ball bearings are non-magnetic, hygienic, lightweight, free turning, quiet running, and corrosion resistant.

  • QBC - Quality Bearings

    QBC offers single row metric, single row inch, single/double row plain, flanged conveyor, and double row plastic ball bearings. These products have bore diameters ranging from 3/16 to 25, maximum no-load RPMs ranging from 3167 to 552, dynamic load ratings up to 565 lbs, and static load ratings up to 489 lbs. Plastic ball bearings are constructed from acetal and polypropylene. Other materials include glass and 316 stainless steel.

  • igus Inc.

    igus, Inc. offers cover plated polymer, C160 polymer, B180 multi, and B180 axial plastic ball bearings. Xiros polymer designs are manufactured with xirodur B180 covers for the prevention of dirt and other abrasive particle contamination. These plastic ball bearings feature one-sided cover plates, shaft diameters ranging from 3 to 20mm, dynamic load ratings ranging from 35 to 294N, and glass/stainless steel ring balls.

  • SDP/SI

    SDP/SI manufactures plastic ball bearings in a variety of styles. These single shield designs are ideal for commercial applications, and are constructed from acetal, glass, and stainless steel materials. Features include bore sizes ranging from 0.250" to 0.750", overall widths ranging from 0.218" to 0.313", dynamic loads up to 88 lbs, and static loads up to 64 lbs.

  • POBCO, Inc.

    POBCO, Inc. offers Delrin roll end plastic ball bearings for average speed, low load gravity conveyor applications. These designs can handle speeds up to 1500 RPM, can be used in temperature ranges from -50 to +100°C, and are compatible with a wide range of chemicals. Plastic ball bearings feature 420 stainless steel balls, thru/blind bores, load capacities up to 48 lbs, and shaft sizes up to 1/2".

  • Boca Bearing Company

    Boca offers plastic ball bearings for wash-down, salt water, harsh chemical, high speed, heavy load, and extreme temperature applications. These products have a low coefficient of friction, can withstand heavy load requirements, and can operate without lubrication.

  • Tok Bearing

    Tok manufactures D-Series, K-Series, I-Series, and PE/S Series plastic ball bearings in both standard and custom designs to comply with application requirements. The D-Series features load ranges from 2 to 20 kgf, and have applications for refrigerators, vending machines, commercial furniture, and office furniture. Products are constructed with a steel inner race and a polyacetal outer race.