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Bridge bearings are devices for transferring loads and movements from superstructure to substructure and foundation, while allowing for movement and rotation of the superstructure due to wind, seismic activity, temperature variations, and other disturbances. These bearings can also be used in highway, railway, and pedestrian bridges and other similar applications.Bridge bearings come in several different types. One of the most popular is the elastomeric sliding bearing, which is made from chloroprene rubber or natural rubber, reinforced by a high-strength steel plate; it allows for absorption of vertical loads as well as horizontal movements and rotations around all axes. Another type is the pot bearing, which is a disk made from elastomer enclosed in a steel pot. Under high pressures, the elastomer deforms, allowing for tilting movements around any horizontal axis. Lastly, steel horizontal load bearings are typically used in combination with elastomeric bearings to create a constraint-free connection between superstructure and support structure and to absorb horizontal forces.Leading manufacturers: Agom International, Mageba, Amscot Structural Products, R.J. Watson, Seismic Energy Products, TechStar.

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  • Seismic Energy Products

    Seismic Energy Products provides custom fabricated structural and bridge bearings. Seismic bearings provide isolation in all zones and soil types. Fluorogold slide bearings are structural PTFE and factory bonded to backing plates or supporting materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, bridge-bearing neoprene, and fabric reinforced rubber pads. Elastomeric types are also available.

  • Con-Serv, Inc.

    Manufacturer of structural slide bearings for all industries, including oil and chemical refineries, pollution control, power, bridges, pipelines, stadiums and parking structures to accommodate thermal expansion, end-beam rotation, vibration isolation and seismic acceleration.

  • Techstar, Inc.

    TechStar is a manufacturer of structural bridge bearing systems, including pot, disk, spherical and elastomeric types. Their pot styles provide high load capacity required for large structural bridges. TechStar disk types offer the same vertical and horizontal load capacities with a lower profile than pot types.

  • RJ Watson

    RJ Watson manufactures structural engineered systems such as bridge, spherical bridge, seismic isolation, and multirotational bearings. They also produce expansion joints, fiber composites and spray applied membranes for the structural bridge and highway industry.

  • Amscot Structural Products Corporation

    Amscot are fabricators of structural bearing products, including slide plates, self-aligning slide bearings, elevation alignment compensation systems, adjustable structural bearings, pot types, uplift restraint spherical designs, hi-load bridge assemblies, neoprene bridge bearings, and more.

  • Scougal Rubber

    Scougal Rubber is a manufacturer of elastomeric bearing pads for both steel and concrete structural bridges. The elastomeric rubber bearing transfers vertical loads while allowing limited horizontal movement for expansion and contraction of the bridge structural girders. Most Scougal pads are made of rubber or neoprene with the addition of steel reinforcement layers.

  • Voss Engineering, Inc.

    Voss Engineering manufactures structural bearing pads and expansion assemblies manufactured to meet MIL-C-882E requirements. The Sorbtex layered rubber and fabric composite that these bearing pads are made of also meets many state and corporate specifications and descriptive references.

  • Technoslide

    Technoslide is a designer and manufacturer of civil bearings for structural and bridge applications. Products include structural, pot, elastomeric, slide, line rocker, and foot bridge bearings. Industries served include mining, petrochemical, and iron and steel.

  • Goodco Z-Tech

    A manufacturer of structural bearings for bridges and buildings, Goodco Z-Tech  also offers a broad range of products for overpasses, railway structures, and heavy structural steel or concrete projects. Products include elastomeric, slide, Pot, seismic isolation and high load structural bearings.

  • Industrial Technology Management

    ITM is a manufacturer of neoprene bearing pads and bridge bearings. Neoprene pads permit beam rotation at the bearing point due to deflection or misalignment. ITM bearings and pads absorb vibration and prevent sound transfer. Neoprene bearing pads are used extensively in structural bridges.

  • Dynamic Isolation Systems

    Dynamic Isolation Systems has provided over 12,000 isolators for more than 250 bridges (including the Golden Gate Bridge) and buildings worldwide. In addition to lead rubber seismic isolators, DIS also provides sliding isolators, floor isolation systems and viscous wall dampers for high rise buildings.