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Elastomeric Bearings

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  • Con-Serv, Inc.

    Conserv manufactures structural preformed fabric reinforced and random fiber reinforced elastomeric bearings, as well as natural rubber and neoprene type (plain) pads. Plain pads are used in commercial and industrial building, petro-chemical, and power plant applications, and are available in standard durometers of 50, 60 or 70. Preformed fabric reinforced elastomeric bearings feature maximum design pressure of 1500 psi, durometer of 90, and maximum compressive strength of 18000 psi.

  • Fabreeka International

    Fabreeka manufactures fabric reinforced elastomeric bearing pads used to eliminate concrete spalling within structural building and construction applications. These pads have the ability to withstand compressive loads, perpendicular to the plane of laminations, of 12,000 psi prior to breakdown. Products also meet AASHTO standard specifications for preformed fabric pads.

  • Scougal Rubber

    Scougal Rubber manufactures a line of elastomeric bearings and pads for both steel and concrete structural bridge applications. The company's line includes plain (featuring neoprene or natural rubber material), steel-reinforced, and vulcanized directly to heavy steel sole plates or masonry plates. Plain elastomeric bearings feature tensile minimum of 2250 psi or 2500 psi.

  • Seismic Energy Products

    Seismic Energy Products develops elastomeric plain, steel-laminated, external steel plate, and sliding structural bearings. The company has provided products to the Arkansas, Arizona, North Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York City, Utah, and Virginia DOT, as well as to Continental Airlines, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Caltrans, and DFW International Airport.

  • Voss Engineering, Inc.

    Voss Engineering manufactures elastomeric structural bearing pads used in parking decks, bridges, stadiums and exhibit halls. Pad types include ROF, alternative expansion, linear random oriented fiber, neoprene, and glass filled PTFE slide.

  • Freyssinet Inc

    Freyssinet Inc. develops structural elastomeric bearings used in buildings, bridges, industrial structures, historical buildings, water and civil structures, and pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipes. Types include standard, anchor-plated, sliding surface, and restrained elastomeric bearings.

  • Agom

    Agom designs and manufactures elastomeric bridge bearings, including plain pad, laminated, and laminated with outer steel plates. The company also produces elastomeric bearings with special anchor plates or with sliding surfaces. These can withstand vertical loads of up to 12,000 kN.

  • Goodco Z-Tech

    Goodco Z-Tech designs and manufactures structural elastomeric bearings, including plain, laminated, duck cloth reinforced, homogeneous fiber, seismic and vibration isolation, and thin sliders. Applications include bridges and buildings. Products can be designed according to several Canadian technical standards.

  • Maurer Sohne

    Maurer Sohne manufactures elastomeric bearings available in natural or chloroprene rubber, and feature standard configurations suitable for application temperatures of -40 C to 50 C. Products also correspond to shear modulus class G = 0.90 N/mm2. Elastomeric bearings are also available in combination with PTFE-sliding elements or with restraint devices.

  • Technoslide

    Technoslide designs and manufactures elastomeric bridge bearings for architectural and civil engineering applications. These structural products are built in accordance with the European standard EN 1337-3, and are conventionally laminated (rectangular or circular).

  • Trelleborg

    Trelleborg designs and supplies three types of structural elastomeric bearings that provide either low-friction sliding movement in one or two directions or unlimited sliding movement. Products can be constructed of PTFE, rubber, or laminated rubber and feature load ranges of 100kN-2500kN, 30kN-250kN, or 300kN-3000kN.