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Bronze bearings are the most widely used plain, sleeve-type bearing, and are known for performing satisfactorily for decades, even under severe operating conditions. It is not uncommon for a bronze bearing to outlast the equipment it serves, as bronze bearings feature superior corrosion and wear resistance. Bronze bearings are known for their ability to conform to irregularities, and tolerate dirty operating environments and contaminated lubricants. Bronze is consider the most versatile class of bearing materials. Common bronze alloys used for bearings include: SAE 841, SAE 660 (CDA 932), SAE 863, and CDA 954.

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  • Anchor Bronze & Metals

    Anchor is a manufacturer of plain cast sleeve and oil impregnated sintered bronze bearings. In addition, made to order sleeve, flanged and split bearings can be ordered. All are impregnated with SAE 660 oil. Anchor's oil impregnated sintered bronze types include sleeve, flanged and thrust types. These are impregnated with SAE 30 oil.

  • American Sleeve Bearings (ASB)

    ASB offers cast bronze sleeve, powdered metal, flange and thrust bearings. Other offerings from American Sleeve include continuous cast aluminum bronze and high tensile manganese bronze, flange and plain, powder metal oil impregnated metrics, and standard size sleeve bearings.

  • Bunting Bearings

    Bunting is a manufacturer of cast materials and bearings for a wide variety of applications. Products available include cast bronze sleeve and flanged bearings in standard and metric sizes meeting the SAE 660 specification.

  • Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

    Saint-Gobain manufactures NORGLIDE PRO bearings with steel materials and a polygon-structured bronze layer on one side. Fabricated parts include roller bearings available with or without an axial flange. NORGLIDE SMTL is a composite material of bronze stretched metal, compounded PTFE and steel backing.

  • RBC Lubron Bearing Systems

    Lubron HP is a manufacturer of self lubricating bronze bearings. Lubron AE Series are a combination of bronze and Meehanite alloys. Their AQ Series are made of high strength alloys. Lubron HP Series are designed for smaller hydro turbine linkage. Their SL Series are available in a variety of bronze and Meehanite alloys and are permanently embedded with solid graphite lubricants.

  • Isostatic Industries, Inc.

    Isostatic Industries offers a large inventory of cast bronze bearings in all standard sizes. Products include SAE 660 types to fit a wide range of applications, as well as TU self lubricating that offer the mechanical strength of steel, the heat dispersion of bronze, and the low friction of PTFE.

  • Ryder-Heil Bronze, Inc.

    Ryder-Heil is a supplier of custom bronze bearings, bushings, wearplates and thrust washers. In addition, they can supply high leaded bushings and wear plates, aluminum and manganese products, split bushings, and large cast bronze bearings.

  • QBC - Quality Bearings

    QBC is an authorized distributor of sintered bronze press bearings with carbon steel retainers in inch and metric sizes. Their sintered bronze sleeve designs come in plain and flanged configurations in metric and inch sizes. Other types include self lubricating split sleeve types in plain and flange designs.

  • Oiles America Corporation

    Oiles offers their 500 series bearings. Their 500 AB types are made of an aluminum bronze composition and are available in standard and MTO sizes. They have a temperature range of 418 - +750 F (-250 - +400 C). Sintered bushing products are also available with options such as flanged or straight types, in metric sizes, oil impregnated, and with machined steel body construction.

  • Accent Bearings Co., Inc.

    Accent offers cast bronze bearings in metric sizes that are machined from continuous cast C93200 (SAE 660) bronze for superior quality and performance. Access carries over 900 sizes of cast bronze bearings in stock, including oil groove and graphite types to meet special requirements.

  • Advance Bronze, Inc.

    Advance manufactures plain bronze bushing products as well as flanged, split and full half bearings manufactured to specification. They also stock a full size range of continuous cast bar and plate.

  • Beckett Bronze Co., Inc.

    Beckett is a manufacturer of bronze bushings, bearings, wear plates and continuous cast bars. They specialize in precision machined parts such as thrust washers and seal rings using bronze, brass, AL, manganese, and stainless steel materials.

  • Morgan Bronze

    Morgan manufactures bronze bearings and machined bearing components. Applications include oil and gas. Morgan also machines cast iron, stainless steel and aluminum components.

  • National Bronze

    National manufactures and distributes bronze bushing products, custom bearings, as well as bar, tube and plate. They have a standard line of bronze sleeve bearings that include Trunnion, King Pin and Bowl types. Custom products include graphite plugged and filled grooved types.

  • Reliable Bronze & Manufacturing, Inc.

    Reliable manufactures brass and bronze bearings and bushings machined to specification. Custom parts can be manufactured in tin, leaded phosphor or aluminum bronze. Many SAE grades and graphite parts are available. Other products include thrust, flange, cast and self lubricating powdered metal bearings and aluminum bar stock.

  • Spadone Alfa

    Spadone provides over 900 sizes of plain bronze bearings, bar stock, washers, wearplates and special machined parts in a wide variety of bronze alloys (including aluminum). Bronze bearings are available in one piece, split bushing, flange and thrust washer types. Machined parts capabilities include oil grooving, slotting and drilling.

  • Symmco, Inc.

    Symmco is a manufacturer of sintered bronze sleeve bearings, flanged and special flanged bronze bearings. Products are offered in metric sizes. Symmco can offer long and short runs and even specialty oils for self lubricating versions.

  • Atlas Bronze

    Atlas Bronze is a distributor of bronze, copper alloy and iron products, as well as self lubricating bushings and sintered bronze products. Their bushing products include SAE 660 cast bronze sleeve bearings.

  • LM-Tarbell

    LM-Tarbell are advanced plain bearing designers and manufacturers specializing in sintered & cast bronze bearings & wear plates. They offer a large inventory of sintered & cast metric bronze bearings. They offer metric SAE 841 oil impregnated bushing products, metric flange, sphericals, and metric SAE 660 cast bronze sleeve bearings.

  • Motion Industries, Inc.

    Motion Industries is a distributor of a large selection on bronze bearings in a variety of sizes. Brands include Barden, SKF, Bunting, FAG and others. Products include bronze and sleeve types, ball, spherical plain and rod ends, and steel balls.