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Bronze bearings are the most widely used plain, sleeve-type bearing, and are known for performing satisfactorily for decades, even under severe operating conditions. It is not uncommon for a bronze bearing to outlast the equipment it serves, as bronze bearings feature superior corrosion and wear resistance. Bronze bearings are known for their ability to conform to irregularities, and tolerate dirty operating environments and contaminated lubricants. Bronze is consider the most versatile class of bearing materials. Common bronze alloys used for bearings include: SAE 841, SAE 660 (CDA 932), SAE 863, and CDA 954.

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  • RBC Lubron Bearing Systems

    Lubron HP is a manufacturer of self lubricating bronze bearings. Lubron AE Series are a combination of bronze and Meehanite alloys. Their AQ Series are made of high strength alloys. Lubron HP Series are designed for smaller hydro turbine linkage. Their SL Series are available in a variety of bronze and Meehanite alloys and are permanently embedded with solid graphite lubricants.