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  • Graphite Metallizing Corp. - GRAPHALLOY

    Graphite Metallizing manufactures a line of composite bushings that includes block bushings used in the textile finishing industry. These products are available with shaft outer diameters of 1/2" to 4-1/4". The company also offers type 317 flange and type 117 standard general purpose composite bushings that provide maintenance free service in temperatures up to 1000F.

  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF USA's offers composite dry sliding bushings, including flanged and FW types, as well as  thrust washers. Composite dry sliding bushings are intended for radially-loaded bearing arrangements and feature bore diameters ranging from 4mm to 160mm.

  • Yillik Precision Carbides, Div. of PSM Industries

    Yillick Precision manufactures composite alloy carbide bushings and oil groove drill bushings in a variety of grade shapes and sizes.

  • Daemar Inc

    Daemar Inc. manufactures five series' of Fiber-Lube composite bushings. Depending on the series, these bushings are used in highly loaded joint bearings where a life cycle of more than 500,000 cycles is needed, or within self-lubrication, linear motion, or fatigue resistance applications.

  • AST Bearings

    AST Bearings manufactures four basic series' of composite self-lubricating bushings, including bronze-back bronze with PTFE, steel shell with POM plastic liner, steel bronze with PTFE/fiber, and steel shell bronze power with PTFE fiber.

  • Trelleborg

    Trelleborg's composite bushings and bearings are constructed from Orkot synthetic composites. Because the bushings don't swell in seawater, they are ideal for marine and hydropower applications. They can also handle edge-loading and counter misalignment under extremely heavy loads.