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  • Nyltite Corp. of America

    Nyltite Corp. machines nylon double wall and snap bushings. Double wall designs serve as a feed through protector or liner, or as a sleeve. Nylon snap types serve as an electrical insulator, mechanical isolator, grommet, bearing, or bushing.

  • Estco Enterprises

    Estco Enterprises offers Euro strain relief bushings, including a nylon series that complies with IEC publication #335, CEE #10 and #11, and VDE #0720 and #0730 regulations. The company also distributes threaded insulated designs available as 1/8" NPT sized types molded from 6/6 nylon.

  • Pro Plastics, Inc.

    Pro Plastics offers nylon, UHMW, delrin, HDPE and polypropylene products, such as bushings, tubing, rod, sheet, spacers, medical parts, and more.

  • Plastic Products, Inc.

    Plastic Products Inc. manufactures precision machined/molded plastic bushings from nylon, delrin, acetal, UHMW, and other plastic materials.. Products can be machined to tolerances of plus or minus .003 percent.

  • American Sleeve Bearings (ASB)

    American Sleeve Bearings produces plastic/PTFE bushings, including nylon types available in metric and inch sizes.

  • Elastomer Engineering, Inc.

    Elastomer Engineering Inc. machines various plastics including nylon. The company's nylon machined components include bushings, bearings, gears, sleeves, rollers, cams, guides and valve seats..

  • Woods Manufacturing Co.

    Wood Manufacturing produces a line of precision machined products, including nylon bushings for automotive, medical equipment, aviation, refrigeration, recreational, and military industries. Other products include O-rings, bearings, rings, spacers, gaskets, and many others. Other materials include delrin, PVC, acetal, polyethylene, PEEK, and many others.

  • Ethylene Atlantic Corp.

    Ethylene Atlantic Corp. fabricates high tolerance parts, including nylon bushings with diameters up to 7". Other products include bearings, gaskets, rings, spacers, washers, and many others.