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A common type of plain bearing, a bushing is typically inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications. Industrial-style bushings are common within oil field applications, and manufacturing and metal fabricating operations. Bushings are also used in computer, consumer electronics, aerospace, and medical applications. Common bushing designs include solid, (sleeve and flanged), split, and clenched. Solid sleeved bushings are a solid all the way around, while split bushings have a cut along the length of the bushing. Clenched bearings are similar to split bushings, but feature a clench between the halves. Flanged bushings are a sleeve bushing with a flange extending radially outward. Linear bushings are secured with two retaining rings and not pressed into a housing.

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  • Estco Enterprises

    Estco Enterprises distributes a number of bushing types from Heyco including open/closed universal, snap, threaded & double insulated, thick panel snap, universal & shorty, snub & shorty, open/closed, lay-in & in-line strain relief, straight-thru strain relief and right angle strain relief. Each bushing features flexible shutters that adjust to accommodate and support any shape from .125" to a maximum diameter of 2.470". The bushings also feature fingertip pressure that snap-locks each bushing into its mounting hole.

  • Yillik Precision Carbides, Div. of PSM Industries

    Yillick provides all types of carbide bushings or bearings in any grade, shape, or size. Choices in tungsten carbide bushings include head press fit, direct coolant, press fit, headless  and slip-fixed renewable.  The direct coolant bushings offer improved cooling and chip flushing during drilling, as well as longer drill life; head press fit bushings have a rim/collar at the top for extra loads and are designed for permanent installation.

  • Actek Manufacturing & Engineering

    Acetek Manufacturing & Engineering builds a number of drill bushings including carbide, drill jig, and metric drill jig. These drill bushings offer a double-chamfered head & a two-way undercut, which allow a bushing to sit flush on top of a jig. The bushing also have internally ground diameters and 45-degree leads for easy entry into a jig.

  • United California Corp.

    United California Corporation manufactures many kinds of bushings, ranging from standard headless and head press fit bushings, to more specialized hex grip, ser-head, and 4-way split types. The company also continues to make its trademarked regular and corner Anchor bushings and Twisfit bushings.

  • Specialty Motions, Inc.

    Specialty Motions Inc. (SMI) offers self-aligning, non-self-aligning, and flange type bearings. The self-aligning bushings come in the standard TW Series and the open TW-OP Series, and provide three times the load capacity and up to 27x the normal life of conventional ball bushings. The non-self-aligning bearings are produced from a solid steel outer cylinder and either a steel-hardened, seemless ball retainer or an industrial strength resin retainer; it is available in the standard SW Series and the extra-wide SWW Series. Finally, the company offers flange type linear bearings in both standard and extra-wide.