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A common type of plain bearing, a bushing is typically inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications. Industrial-style bushings are common within oil field applications, and manufacturing and metal fabricating operations. Bushings are also used in computer, consumer electronics, aerospace, and medical applications. Common bushing designs include solid, (sleeve and flanged), split, and clenched. Solid sleeved bushings are a solid all the way around, while split bushings have a cut along the length of the bushing. Clenched bearings are similar to split bushings, but feature a clench between the halves. Flanged bushings are a sleeve bushing with a flange extending radially outward. Linear bushings are secured with two retaining rings and not pressed into a housing.

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  • Baldor-Dodge Reliance

    Dodge produces tapered split bushings that fit into a matching tapered bore in a sheave, sprocket, or pulley. Tapered bushings compensate for normal variations in the shaft, and eliminates risk of corrosion between the bore and the shaft. Sizes are available to handle up to a 12" shaft diameter, with a torque capacity to 1,520,000 lbs. at a 1.0 service factor.

  • Plastic Products, Inc.

    Plastic Products Inc. manufactures precision machined/molded plastic bushing types including flanged, standard, and custom built.