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A common type of plain bearing, a bushing is typically inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications. Industrial-style bushings are common within oil field applications, and manufacturing and metal fabricating operations. Bushings are also used in computer, consumer electronics, aerospace, and medical applications. Common bushing designs include solid, (sleeve and flanged), split, and clenched. Solid sleeved bushings are a solid all the way around, while split bushings have a cut along the length of the bushing. Clenched bearings are similar to split bushings, but feature a clench between the halves. Flanged bushings are a sleeve bushing with a flange extending radially outward. Linear bushings are secured with two retaining rings and not pressed into a housing.

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  • Nyltite Corp. of America

    Nyltite produces snap and double-wall bushings made from nylon. The snap bushing is a hole-liner that will stay in place without pressure, and it can be utilized as a bushing, a bearing, a mechanical isolator, an electrical insulator or a grommet. Double-wall designs can be used as a sleeve type or feed-through protector or liner.

  • Accurate Bushing Co., Inc.

    Accurate manufactures six series' of drill jig bushings, including headless press-fit, fixed renewable, slip-fixed renewable, headless liner, and head liner types. The company also produces lock screws for ANSI carbide and extended renewable bushings.

  • Pro Plastics, Inc.

    Pro Plastic manufactures custom plastic bushings and phenolic bushings. With just a size requirement, the company can quote prices on the material and/or finished parts.

  • AST Bearings

    AST Bearings LLC distributes two types of metric bushing models that feature wall thickness ranging from 0.855 to 2.465, and housing bore from +0.015 to +0.052. The bushings are used in aerospace, medical and dental equipment, computer peripherals, power tools, and motion control applications.

  • Atlas Bronze

    Atlas Bronze is both a manufacturer and distributor of bronze bushings and custom bronze bushings, including cast bronze sleeve bushings, sintered bronze sleeve bushings, flange bushings, and thrust bushings. The company's standard lines of bushings are stocked both with and without internal grease grooves, and customers that want grooves can request custom groove patterns. Bushings can also be made graphite-plugged.

  • Ethylene Atlantic Corp.

    Ethylene Atlantic custom-manufactures bushings up to 7" in diameter from several materials, including plastic, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. The company's quality control system is certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standard, and it serves industries such as automotive, semiconductor, and textile.