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A common type of plain bearing, a bushing is typically inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications. Industrial-style bushings are common within oil field applications, and manufacturing and metal fabricating operations. Bushings are also used in computer, consumer electronics, aerospace, and medical applications. Common bushing designs include solid, (sleeve and flanged), split, and clenched. Solid sleeved bushings are a solid all the way around, while split bushings have a cut along the length of the bushing. Clenched bearings are similar to split bushings, but feature a clench between the halves. Flanged bushings are a sleeve bushing with a flange extending radially outward. Linear bushings are secured with two retaining rings and not pressed into a housing.

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  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF offers composite dry sliding, FW, and flanged bushings constructed from one of several materials. Dry sliding bushings, made of B/E material, are suitable for rotational and oscillating movements where space is limited. No lubrication is required. SKF FW bushings are meant for rotational and linear movements under relatively heavy radial loads, especially where alternating, shock or oscillating loads occur.

  • Isotech Inc

    Isotech manufactures linear bushings, including the Topball High Performance slide, standard slide, stroke and slide rotary types. Topball bushings lasts 27x the normal travel life of a conventional slide bush, and provides self-aligning capability due to a load plate design that creates a self-correcting fulcrum in the middle.

  • Miller Plastic Products, Inc.

    Miller Plastic Products fabricates non-metallic bushings to customer specification.The company works with a wide variety of materials, including acrylic plastic, nylon, polycarbonate, PVC, Teflon, and many others. Products can be manufactured with diameters up to 32".

  • New Way Air Bearings

    New Way Air Bearings produces a line of air bushings, flat air bearings (round and rectangular), vacuum preloaded air bearings, radial air bearings (concave and convex), and conveyor air bearings. The standard air bushings come in sizes as small as 0.25" and as large as 3" to support speeds up to 164.04 ft/sec. The vacuum air bearings are approriate for applications where pre-loading is difficult or impossible; they also eliminate the need for stacked linear axes, and reduce stack height and Abbe errors. Lastly, the conveyor air bearings are meant for the non-contact glass-handling requirements of the flat panel display and solar modual manufacturing processes, and comes in three series: C-hybrid, H-high speed, and L-low airflow.

  • U.S. Bronze-Lubrite Technologies, Inc.

    Lubrite Technologies produces the Lubrite system of bronze bearings and bushings. They also have the capability of using non-bronze metals, such as stainless steel, nodular iron, and tool steel; lubricants used are compounds or composites, dry, solid, permanent, and self-lubricating. In addition, the company has experience creating large bearings (30,000+ pounds).

  • Weaver Industries Inc

    Weaver Industries manufactures bushings in a wide array of materials, from graphite to urethane. All manufacturing is custom, performed according to defined specifications