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Conveyor bearings are inserted into roller tubes that rotate belts in a variety of conveyor systems.

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  • KMS Bearings, Inc.

    KMS manufactures plastic and ANSI 316 stainless steel conveyor ball bearings that are single or double-rowed. Products feature either hex bore plastic raceways or hex bore 316 stainless raceways, and are available in sizes ranging from 0.10 inch to 2.260 inches.

  • Ralphs-Pugh

    Ralphs-Pugh offers commercial grade and ABEC-1 precision bearings for conveyor systems. The commercial grade types include plated steel bearings with metal stamped and plastic housings, or stainless steel types with plastic housings. ABEC-1 styles are for moderate to heavy loads and higher speeds.

  • VXB Ball Bearings is a supplier conveyor roller bearings in 12x35.3, 12x47.6, and 12x56.1 sizes. Products are unground and flanged.