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An electric motor bearings consists of an inner race, an outer race, bearing balls lubricated with oil, and a cage that evenly distributes the balls. During motor operation, the oil is compressed and moved by the rough ball bearing surfaces.Types of electric motor bearings include deep groove radial-, angular contact ball-, and cartridge-type bearings, and they are available with contact or non-contact seals or shields. The most common type is the AFBMA-7 C-3 rated bearing, which provides a 3- to 5-mil clearance in which lubrication flows in order to reduce friction.Leading manufacturers: SMB Bearings, VNC Bearing, Bearing Kinetics, EMB&B, Bartlett Bearing Company.

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  • Bartlett Bearing Co.

    Bartlett distributes a wide range of bearings and related products for electro-mechanical repair to over 2000 clients across the country. Applications include electric planer, vertical pump, traction and mill motors. Bartlett locations include Philadelphia, PA, Gastonia, NC, Hebron, KY and Pelham, AL.