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High speed bearings are designed for low friction, low noise, high precision uses. High speed bearings are often used in aerospace, machine tool, dental and medical applications.

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  • igus Inc.

    igus offers high speed igubal rod end bearings for outdoor revolving gate, bicycle spring-loaded rear swingarm, and chocolate decoration system applications. These high speed bearings have shaft diameters ranging from 0.1875" to 1.00", high strengths under impact loads, maintenance-free operations, and high tensile strengths for varying loads.

  • Tri-Mack Plastics Manufacturing Corp.

    Tri-Mack offers Maxton high speed bearing materials for the following applications: wear strips, piston/seal rings, valve seats, seals, thrust washers, air tool vanes, rotary pump vanes, and high PV bushings. These bearing materials can be lubricated or non-lubricated, they have very low friction, excellent thermal conductivity, and a high compression modulus.