Bearings • High Temperature Bearings

Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and are made form materials such as ceramincs and alloys that can stand up to those temperatures.

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  • Metallized Carbon Corp.

    Metallized Carbon Corp. manufactures custom bearings for dry running high temperature applications. These carbon-graphite designs feature a low and high temperature rating of -400 F to 1000 F in air/oxidizing environments, and -400F to 5600 F in neutral/reducing environments. They also feature a pressure rating of up to 1000 psi.

  • KMS Bearings, Inc.

    KMS develops and manufactures high temperature radial ball bearings with a high temperature capable cage, or without a cage. Fitted with stainless steel 316 balls, these radial bearings are available in inch and metric sizes, and feature single row or double row configurations.

  • NSK America

    NSK America manufactures special environment ball bearings used in high temperature applications up to 400 C. Their line of high temperature ball bearing types includes molded-oil, stainless steel, hybrid, fluoride low-temperature chrome-coated, all-ceramic, nickel alloy-coated, carbide-based ceramic, resin, and precipitation-hardened stainless steel ball bearings.

  • Graphite Metallizing Corp. - GRAPHALLOY

    Graphite Metallizing Corp manufactures various bearings from GRAPHALLOY. GRAPHALLOY®, a graphite/metal alloy, is ideally suited to applications where temperatures are too high to permit the use of oil or other lubricants and will not soften at high temperatures or extrude under load. Many grades are suitable for temperatures to 750°F (400°C) in air. In addition, special grades provide service up to 1000°F (535°C) and higher in non-oxidizing atmospheres. Typical uses include bakery and industrial ovens, glass plants, conveyors, dryers, kilns, kiln cars, stokers, soot blowers, oil guns, gypsum board, veneer dryers, and more.

  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF designs and manufactures high temperature bearings and bearing units, including deep groove ball, Y type, Y type plummer block units, and Y type flanged units. These products can operate at extreme temperatures ranging from -150C to 350C. High temperature bearings are used in kiln trucks, furnaces, and conveyor systems of lacquering equipment.

  • POBCO, Inc.

    Pobco Plastics manufactures high temperature sleeve and flange bearings for service applications that require FDA approval, excellent wear characteristics, chemical resistance, and high strength. These products can handle temperatures up to 275F or 500F, depending on the model.

  • RBC Bearings

    RBC manufactures high temperature, Mil-Spec journal bearings with straight or flanged configurations. These self-lubricated designs can operate in temperatures of -65F to 600F.

  • Kingsbury, Inc.

    Kingsbury Inc. manufactures fluid film thrust and journal bearings for unusually harsh and high temperature applications. These products are constructed of advanced materials thrust (PEEK) and can operate directly in water, process fluid, or oil. They also have the ability to tolerate dry start conditions.

  • Tri-Mack Plastics Manufacturing Corp.

    Tri-Mack Plastics Manufacturing Corp. machines bushings and bearings from Maxton material, which can handle high temperatures of up to 550F. The company machines their products for the aerospace, defense, chemical processing, industrial equipment, medical and electronics industries.

  • VXB Ball Bearings

    VXB distributes high temperature bearings in 15x35x11, 17x40x12, 20x47x14, and 25x52x15 sizes. The company also supplies a line of full complement ceramic bearings for high temperature applications. The company provides products manufactured by Nachi, NB, and FYH.

  • Synchrony Inc.

    Synchrony Inc. engineers and manufactures high temperature magnetic bearings that can operate in process gas up to 350F. The bearings are available in standard frame sizes, and feature a compact controller that can be mounted on or near a machine.

  • Entergis

    Entergis machines high temperature components including bearings for the semiconductor, aerospace, data storage, medical device, and industrial markets. The company also produces high temperature valve for environments up to 356F.

  • Bearing Works

    Bearing Works Inc. manufactures high temperature deep groove bearings for furnaces and environments exceeding 500F. The bearings are self-lubricated, corrosion resistant, require low maintenance, and feature ceramic balls and rings.

  • Ami Bearings, Inc.

    AMI Bearings - an Asahi Company - manufactures high temperature bearings that can operate in temperatures up to 400F or 450F depending on model. The bearings feature a variety of housing styles, along with silicon seals and steel cages.