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Bearings are found in a number of specific hobby equipment and vehicles including RC cars, RC trucks, RC helicopters, RC airplanes, skateboards, skates, yo-yos, roller blades, RC jet turbines, and RC engines. RC cars, trucks, and buggies that desire a higher performance typically use hybrid ceramic ball bearings, while miniature radial ball bearings, thrust ball bearings, and one-way clutch ball bearings are found in RC helicopters and airplanes. In order to run smoothly, skates and skateboards typically use precision bearings.

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  • ACER Racing

    ACER Racing is a designer and manufacturer of ceramic ball bearings for RC racing cars used by professional racers including Chad Bradley and Greg Degani. ACER Racing hobby bearings come in a full range of sizes and prices.

  • Bones Bearings

    Bones manufactures hobby bearings for skateboard applications. Bones Swiss bearings are endorsed by pro skaters Jason Lee, Tim O'Connor, Guy Mariano, Steve Caballero and Jeremey Wray.

  • FKD Bearings

    FKD manufactures several skateboard ball bearings available with ABEC ratings of 3, 5 and 7 in various colors and materials. Hobby designs include the Paul Rodriguez signature series ABEC 7 gold with black composite cage, gold outer race, and a clear outer shell.

  • Lucky Bearings/Street Corner Distribution

    Lucky is a manufacturer of skateboard bearings available with ABEC ratings of 3, 5 or 7. Lucky also offers other hobby products like risers, bushings, griptape, wax and hardware.

  • Oust Bearings

    Oust manufactures hobby bearings for downhill skateboarders with a variety of ABEC ratings to meet the needs for different riders.

  • Sector 9 Inc

    Sector 9 offers custom hobby bearings for longboarding and racing. Products feature ABEC ratings of 7 or 9.

  • Shorty\'s Skateboard Products

    Shorty's Black Panther hobby bearings for skateboarding applications are available in ABEC ratings of 3, 5, and 7. Products include ceramic models, as well as Swiss and Quickies brand.