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Bearings are found in a number of specific hobby equipment and vehicles including RC cars, RC trucks, RC helicopters, RC airplanes, skateboards, skates, yo-yos, roller blades, RC jet turbines, and RC engines. RC cars, trucks, and buggies that desire a higher performance typically use hybrid ceramic ball bearings, while miniature radial ball bearings, thrust ball bearings, and one-way clutch ball bearings are found in RC helicopters and airplanes. In order to run smoothly, skates and skateboards typically use precision bearings.

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  • Boca Bearing Company

    Boca manufactures miniature bearings for hobby and recreation uses, including radio control vehicles, rollerblades and specialized applications that include aerospace vehicles and other terrain specific applications. Products include ceramic ball bearings in various sizes, replacement balls and lubricants.

  • distributes a wide variety of hobby bearings for yo-yos, as well as yo-yo strings, cases, gloves, displays and accessories.

  • distributes a variety of hobby bearings for skateboards, including miniature, R, 1600, 6000, 6200, 6300, and 5200 series'.