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Hydrostatic & hydrodynamic bearings are externally pressurized fluid bearings frequently used in high load, high precision applications.

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  • Rotordynamics-Seal Research

    Rotordynamics - Seal Research provides advanced modeling/simulation software for hydrodynamic and hydrostatic bearing design. Other bearing types available include foil, magnetic, rolling element, and dampers.

  • Fluid Film Devices

    Fluid Film Devices designs and manufactures hydrostatic and hydrodynamic bearings. Hydrodynamic designs are available as slider and plain cylindrical journal, and available in sizes from 1.25 mm to 6 inches in diameter. Hydrostatic types are available as thrust and journal types, with diameters from 1.8mm to 15 inches.

  • Kingsbury, Inc.

    Kingsbury hydrodynamic bearings support a rotating shaft and transmit axial loads. Other types include directed lubrication which reduce oil flow and power loss in high speed applications. Hydrodynamic thrust bearings are available in directed lubrication or flooded lubrication styles, and are used in high speed turbine, compressor, generator and gear drive applications.

  • Team Corp.

    Team Corporation produces V-8 and T-8 hydrostatic bearings that are used with electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic shakes with up to 2" of stroke. The V8 and T8 Series' can carry up to 10,000 pounds of verticals, and feature an "air pad" base that facilitates movement and alignment.

  • Waukesha Bearings Corp.

    Waukesha Bearings™ produces engineered fluid film (hydrodynamic) bearings, including thrust (axial) and journal (radial) types in vertical and horizontal assemblies. Their custom engineered bearings can increase the reliability and efficiency of gas, steam, and hydro turbines, compressors, gearboxes, motors and pumping systems. Tilting pad thrust types are used for high-load, high-speed applications, and are available in sizes from 1.25" to 60". Journal hydrodynamic designs are available in 1" to more than 20" diameters.

  • Zollern

    Zollern manufactures and supplies hydrostatic plain bearings used in high-precision applications in measuring, testing, and machine tool engineering. The company offers various solutions, including guideways, lead screws, spindle units, test/special bearings, and components.

  • Cranfield Precision

    Cranfield Precision develops porous ceramic hydrostatic bearings for applications that require extremely low radial error motions, high load capacity, ultra precision, high damping, and good thermal stability.

  • Thordon Bearings Inc.

    Thordon Bearings are manufacturers of non-metallic hydrostatic and hydrodynamic journal bearings for naval and coast guard, pumps, private and commercial marine, clean power generation, and industrial applications.