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Journal bearings consists of a shaft rotating in the bearing with an oil layer separating the shaft and bearing. They can be lubricated hydro-dynamically or hydro-statically. Hydrostatic bearing uses an external pump to force lubricant into the system and to provide pressure that augments the pressure from the bearings rotation. Hydrodynamic bearings maintain pressure by its own shaft rotation. They require more maintenance and less wear resistance.

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  • Kingsbury, Inc.

    Kingsbury designs and manufactures many sizes and styles of hydrodynamic journal bearings available in fixed profile styles or tilting pad designs, operating with flooded or directed lubrication systems. Hydrodynamic journal bearings are used in high-speed turbine, pump, generator, compressor and gear drive applications for oil and gas, power generation, and general industries.

  • Tri Transmission & Bearing Corp.

    Tri Transmission is a manufacturer of all types of journal bearings, including elliptical, circular bore, pressure dam, and film-damper types with pressure fed lubrication. TRI also offers a precision self-aligning tilt pad and heavy duty designs for turbines.