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Journal bearings consists of a shaft rotating in the bearing with an oil layer separating the shaft and bearing. They can be lubricated hydro-dynamically or hydro-statically. Hydrostatic bearing uses an external pump to force lubricant into the system and to provide pressure that augments the pressure from the bearings rotation. Hydrodynamic bearings maintain pressure by its own shaft rotation. They require more maintenance and less wear resistance.

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  • Waukesha Bearings Corp.

    Waukesha Bearings™ is a manufacturer of a wide range of journal bearings, including lubrication arrangements from fully flooded to pocket feed and directed lubrication. Journal bearings come in sleeve or tilting pad types, and are used for radial loads. Fixed profile designs are manufactured in both journal and thrust configurations, with options such as combination bearings with thrust faces on each end of the journal.