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Large ring and roller bearings are manufactured for use on cranes, aerial lifts, excavators, wind turbines, oil equipment and log loaders.

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  • Universal Industrial Products, Inc.

    Universal manufactures large diameter slewing bearings available as single row, double row, three row, and cross roller types. Large diameter single row bearings are available with OD's from 18" to 236", while the three row, double row, and cross roller designs feature OD's from 18" to 196". Depending on type these large diameter bearings feature maximum thrust of 26,700 KN to 105,060 KN.

  • Rotek, Inc.

    Rotek manufactures large diameter light duty slewing bearings for medium duty applications that include turntables, small cranes, industrial production equipment, and utility derricks. Features include raceway diameters from 13" to 57", with thrust capacities of 10,000 to 336,000 pounds and moment capacity of 25,000 to 368,000 ft-lbs. The company's series 1000 large diameter slewing bearings feature raceway diameters of 12" to 42" and have thrust of 610 to 35,000 pounds.

  • Kaydon Corp Bearings Div

    Kaydon's bearing division custom manufactures large diameter bearings with OD's up to 240". The company also produces large diameter slewing ring bearings available with OD's up to 218". Their tapered roller bearings feature large bore diameters. Slewing ring designs are suited for cranes, aerial lifts, excavators, wind turbines, utility derricks, log loaders and fellers. Roller types are used in oil equipment and machine tool table applications.

  • Kingsbury, Inc.

    Kingsbury distributes Messinger brand large diameter three row roller and crossed roller bearings. Features include outer diameters of more than 8 feet. These large diameter bearings are designed to handle combinations of radial, axial, and overturning moment loads in a single envelope.

  • Silverthin Bearing Group of Mechatronics, Inc.

    Silverthin manufactures large diameter thin section bearings with OD's up to 37" and ID's up to 35". These bearings are available as angular (Type A), radial (Type C), or four point (Type x) contact designs.

  • Impact Bearing

    Impact distributes large diameter thrust bearings with outer diameters up to 63.75". These bearings are available in thrust spherical roller, angular contact thrust ball, and thrust ball designs.