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Linear motion bearings support free motion in one dimension such as rolling-element bearings and plain bearings. Rolling-element bearings consist of an outer ring and rows of balls held by cages. Features include smooth motion, low friction, rigidity and long service life. They require lubrication and run on hardened steel or stainless steel raceways. They come as ball bearing slide and roller slides. Plain bearings do not require ball bearings. They are less rigid than rolling element bearings but can handle a bigger temperature range. They can run on hardened steel, stainless steel, hard anodized aluminum, soft steel or aluminum raceways. Types of plain bearings include bushings such as bronze, metal/plastic, and all plastic bushings. They also include dovetail slides.

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  • LinTech

    LinTech is a manufacturer of round rail linear bearings. Types of linear bearings include super self-aligning closed and open inch, standard all steel closed and open inch, super self-aligning closed and open metric (Asian style), and super self-aligning closed and open metric (European style).

  • Champion Bearings

    Champion Bearings manufactures a variety of linear ball bearings for use in hostile environments. Products include hybrid bearings and 100% ceramic bearings.

  • Schaeffler Group

    Schaeffler Group is a manufacturer of linear rolling and linear plain bearings.  Applications include monorail, track roller, shaft, miniature linear plain, miniature cage and flat cage guidance systems.

  • Abtech, Inc.

    ABTech, Inc. is a manufacturer of linear bearings, including manual air designs for applications requiring linear straightness and flatness, motorized air types with linear motor and encoder direct drive servo systems, motorized mechanical bearings for applications that do not require air bearing accuracies, and oil hydrostatic designs that offer the highest stiffness and accuracy available.

  • PBC Linear, A Pacific Bearing Co.

    The PBC manufactures linear ball bearings that are size interchangeable with other manufacturers. Their round shaft reticulating linear designs come in many configurations, including inch, ISO metric and JIS metric closed, and closed wide ball bearings. PBC also offers inch open types and Simplicity linear plane designs. The Simplicity line can move in linear, oscillating, rotary, or any combination of motions.

  • igus Inc.

    igus, Inc. is a manufacturer of linear bearings designed to run dry, without the need for lubricants or downtime typically associated with re-circulating systems. These products are resistant to dirt, dust and chemicals and can handle underwater applications.

  • Boston Gear

    Boston Gear offers four series of linear bearings, including precision, commercial, open and instrument types. The precision and open series' are available in either stainless steel or steel. They are also available with or without an integral seal for operation in contaminated environments.

  • Ondrives

    Ondrives Precision Manufacturing is a manufacturer of linear bearings for use for linear shafting. Types range from open, adjustable and closed. They are also available in either carbon steel or stainless.

  • LM-Tarbell

    SLM is a manufacturer of stainless steel sleeve, ball and rail linear bearings for the food process, packing machinery and medical equipment industries. SLM specializes in the design and manufacture of linear/rotary motion products which require stainless steel materials.

  • American Linear Manufacturers

    ALM manufactures linear bearing and slide products, including crossed roller, low profile crossed roller, and crossed roller recirculating designs. Their positioning stage products are offered in precision crossed roller stages, crossed roller long stroke industrial grade, heavy duty roller way iron slides, and crossed roller rotary tables.

  • Danaher Motion

    Danaher Motion is a manufacturer of linear bearing products, including inch and metric ball bushings, and specialty products for very high load capacities and contaminated environments.

  • Linear Rotary Bearings, Inc.

    LRB offers linear and rotary anti-friction motion bearings. Their rotary types offer unlimited linear and rotary anti-friction motion and greater load life ratings than competing products. They are also interchangeable with existing manufacturer's products.

  • Vardhman Bearings

    Vardhman is a manufacturer of linear bearings, including spherical plain, radial spherical plain, linear motion, needle, and special types.

  • Loadpoint Bearings Limited

    Loadpoint manufactures linear bearings for linear motion applications. These include precision air bearing cylindrical sleeves, slideways, and air pads. Slideways are available in lengths up to 500 mm (20”).

  • Rollon Corp.

    Rollon is a manufacturer of linear bearings including compact rail, curviline, easy rail, ecoline, light rail and mono rail.

  • Nook Industries

    Nook is a manufacturer of inch and metric linear bearings including self-aligning and an instrument series. They also make inch and metric self-aligning pillow blocks.