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  • Isotech Inc

    Isotech, Inc. offers crossed roller slide tables, crossed roller slide assemblies, and linear ball slide assemblies. Linear ball slide assemblies feature clear/black anodized finishing, an aluminum/steel construction, built-in holes, and factory pre-loaded adjustments. These assemblies have 0.0002" repeatability ratings, 0.0005" straight line accuracies, travel ratings ranging from 0.33" to 12", and load capacities ranging from 0.75 to 205 lbs.

  • LinTech

    LinTech offers screw driven linear slides in a variety of configurations. 90 Series high speed screw driven linear tables have 8" widths, 2.93" heights, travel ranges from 6 to 60", top speeds greater than 50 in/sec, and greater than 0.01 friction coefficient ratings. These tables are constructed with recirculating, preloaded, low friction bearing systems, and they feature aluminum carriages fitted with threaded/stainless steel inserts.

  • Alio Industries, Inc.

    Alio Industries, Inc. offers linear motion systems in the following configurations: linear CM servo motors, Z-stage servo voice coils, XY linear systems, precision crossed roller bearing stages, and ceramic servo motors. Linear CM servo motors and precision crossed roller bearing linear stages feature travel ranges from 25 to 400mm. Ceramic servo motors are typically utilized in high precision demanding systems, particularly in vacuum environments.

  • Macron Dynamics, Inc.

    Macron Dynamics, Inc. offers single-axis, reliable, screw driven actuators in three configurations. MSA-PSS actuators have standard travel ranges from 102 to 305mm, +/-0.01 repeatability ratings, speeds up to 180 in/min, and screw pitches ranging from 1/4" to 4". These actuators feature adjustable mounting plates, threaded over-molded inserts, economical lead screws, and a submersible design.

  • Aerotech, Inc.

    Aerotech, Inc. offers linear stages for a wide range of applications, including: industrial automation, electronics/laser manufacturing, medical component laser machining, semiconductor equipment, assembly, machine tools, vision systems, fiber-optics, industrial robots, etc. Model ABL1500-B air-bearing/direct-drive linear stages have repeatability ratings ranging from +/-0.15 to 0.3 μm, accuracies ranging from +/-0.3 to 0.75 μm, loads up to 35 kg, and travel ratings ranging from 50 to 500 mm. These stages feature a rigid construction, linear encoder feedback capabilities, integral bellows, and a high-performance inspection/scanning design.

  • NSK

    NSK offers linear guides in a variety of configurations, including: linear shafting, monocarrier actuators, mechatronics, ball screws, linear stages, linear roller/ball guides, etc. Linear stages feature K1 lubrication, easy installation capabilities, high load capacities, easily bolted modules, and they work for pick/place applications.

  • igus Inc.

    igus Inc. offers linear bearings in the following configurations: shaft end supports, flange housings, linear plain bearings, shafts/supported shafts, carriages, linear housings, pressfit bearings, etc. DryLin linear plain bearings have tolerances ranging from 0.0016" to 0.0051", shaft sizes ranging from 1/4" to 2", and a temperature range from -40 to +194°F. These bearings are constructed from aluminum, hard stainless steel, hard chrome, and 300 stainless steel materials.

  • Schneeberger, Inc.

    Schneeberger, Inc. offers slides and miniature tables for a wide range of markets, including: robotics, optical industry, surface finishing, semiconductor industry, nanotechnology, micro-machining, micro-automation, metrology, medical technology, etc.

  • Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.

    Bishop-Wisecarver Corp. offers linear motion systems and actuators for a wide range of applications, including medical equipment, machine tools, etc. Linear motion guides feature low-friction sliding surfaces, no moving parts, and rolling elements contained within the circuits.

  • Modern Linear, Inc.

    Modern Linear, Inc. offers linear motion guides in drilled, undrilled, carbon steel, or stainless steel configurations. Modern linear motion guides come in widths ranging from 0.437 to 1.062, heights ranging from 0.187 to 0.437, and diameter hole sizes ranging from 0.156 to 0.375.

  • Del-Tron Precision, Inc.

    Del-Tron Precision, Inc. offers crossed roller and ball linear slides. These slides feature built-in holes, a lightweight aluminum carriage, factory pre-loaded adjustments, and a straight-line/low friction design. They have coefficient of friction ratings to 0.003 and straight line accuracy ratings ranging from 0.0000040" to 0.0005".

  • Amacoil, Inc.

    Amacoil, Inc. offers SLS and L4 linear slides for limited space, medium weight, and heavy load applications.

  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF USA, Inc. offers SKF miniature slides for short-stroke, electronics industry, micro-assembly, semiconductor, pneumatics, medical, and fiber optics applications. These slides come in widths ranging from 26 to 165mm, strokes over 100mm, accuracies up to 2μ, and sizes ranging from 7 to 15. They are easy to install and are constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel materials.

  • Specialty Motions, Inc.

    Specialty Motions, Inc. offers crossed roller and ball slides. These slides feature 0.003 typical coefficient of friction ratings, 0.001" positional repeatability ratings, and straight line accuracies within 0.0005"/inch of travel.

  • Ibex Engineering

    Ibex Engineering offers direct drive and screw driven linear stages. Direct drive linear stages come in the following types: DC linear servo, voice coil, iron core linear servo, ironless core linear servo, piezo-ceramic servo, etc. Screw driven linear stages feature thrust capabilities, simple setups, external encoders/brakes, and a variety of vertical applications.