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Linear motion bearings support free motion in one dimension such as rolling-element bearings and plain bearings. Rolling-element bearings consist of an outer ring and rows of balls held by cages. Features include smooth motion, low friction, rigidity and long service life. They require lubrication and run on hardened steel or stainless steel raceways. They come as ball bearing slide and roller slides. Plain bearings do not require ball bearings. They are less rigid than rolling element bearings but can handle a bigger temperature range. They can run on hardened steel, stainless steel, hard anodized aluminum, soft steel or aluminum raceways. Types of plain bearings include bushings such as bronze, metal/plastic, and all plastic bushings. They also include dovetail slides.

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  • American Linear Manufacturers

    ALM manufactures linear bearing and slide products, including crossed roller, low profile crossed roller, and crossed roller recirculating designs. Their positioning stage products are offered in precision crossed roller stages, crossed roller long stroke industrial grade, heavy duty roller way iron slides, and crossed roller rotary tables.

  • Linear Rotary Bearings, Inc.

    LRB offers linear and rotary anti-friction motion bearings. Their rotary types offer unlimited linear and rotary anti-friction motion and greater load life ratings than competing products. They are also interchangeable with existing manufacturer's products.