Bearings • Linear Bushings

A linear bushing is a hollow cylindrical element that contains several tracks that are filled with steel balls which recirculate as the unit rides along the shaft. Their advantages include a small coefficient of friction and an ability to compensate for construction-related imperfections. Consequently, they are the most commonly used motion elements in automation for transfer, locating, and assembly. Linear bushings are available in single, double, long, and custom lengths, which affect both load resistance and guidance accuracy. Because weight and irregularities are distributed over the entire length of the bushing, the longer the bushing, the greater its load resistance, accuracy, and operating life. In addition to length, bushings are offered in open, flanged, clearance-adjustable, and other types. Leading manufacturers: Bosch-Rexroth, Isotech, Misumi, SMI4Motion, Specialty Motions, NB Corporation

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