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Frictionless bearings that support a load using magnetic levitation. They support the highest speeds of any kind of bearing.

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  • FMC Technologies

    FMC Technologies offers Active Permanent Magnet (PM) Bias Homopolar Bearings for high power/high intensity machines. Bias flux provided by FMC's magnetic bearings eliminate the need for an electrical current and do not require active cooling actuators for high loads. This combination magnetic bearing includes a single bearing for radial and axial positioning for less space occupation and allows for high speed systems.

  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF has a range of magnetic bearings and sensors in styles including radial, thrust and conical bearings. Radial bearings range from 50N to 25,000N for shaft diameters between 9mm and 230mm, and canned radial types are available for high temperature use (up to 428F). Thrust magnetic bearings are for use with 130N through 24,500N, for shaft diameters between 9mm to 130mm. Conical designs allow simultaneous loading up to 8,900N radial and 17,800N axial.

  • Waukesha Bearings Corp.

    Waukesha Magnetic Bearings™ A Waukesha Bearings™ business, designs robust lubrication-free magnetic bearings. These systems have achieved availability of 99.9% without special redundancy provisions, making them optimal for mission critical applications. Their active magnetic bearing systems include the following components; radial bearings, axial bearings, auxiliary as well as sealed and canned magnetic bearing systems.

  • Synchrony Inc.

    Synchrony offers Fusion and NovaGlide magnetic bearings for frictionless and lubrication-free projects. Fusion products are available in many different frame sizes, radial and thrust layouts, and allow for fully integrated control within the bearing structure. NovaGlide magnetic bearings have a compact controller that can be mounted on or near the rotating machine, and are available in a range of standard sizes and configurations for both radial and thrust systems.

  • Alpine Bearing Co.

    Alpine Behas a variety of magnetic levitation and ball bearing pumps in radial, radial full complement, angular contact and angular contact/full complement styles.