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Pivot bearings are designed primarily for rotating machine tool parts where a one element is rotating relative to a second fixed element.

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  • igus Inc.

    igus Inc. manufactures pivot bearings (press-fit) with dimensions from 0.19 to 1.2". Produced according to DIN ISO 12240 standards, igus products are available as double joint and miniature types.

  • The Timken Company

    The Timken Company produces bearings and assemblies for automotive engine valve trains that pivot into a single unit. Products are used for applications including overhead valve and overhead cam engines.

  • Riverhawk Company

    Riverhawk Company designs pivot bearings that serve as an alternative to roller element, knife edge and jeweled types. Products include cantilevered, double ended and linear flexure designs.

  • Bearings Plus Inc

    BPI manufactures pivot journal and thrust bearings. Journal types eliminate wear, high contact stresses and pad flutter problems. Thrust pivot bearings are used for a number of applications including electric motors, pumps, gear boxes, compressors, engines, turbines, turbochargers, oil well drilling motors, and marine shafts.

  • C-Flex

    C-Flex designs pivot bearings that require no lubrication, are self-centering, and provide precise rotation with low hysteresis and no frictional losses. These products are used in positioner, gimbal, tensioner, lever actuator, optic, sensor, medical, semi-conductor, and continuous R&D applications.

  • Pioneer Motor Bearing Co.

    Pioneer Motor designs fluid pivot tilting pad journal bearings that handle static and continuous dynamic misalignment. Spherically-seated pads extend misalignment capabilities to more than 1 inch in 12 inches. These products feature a squeeze film for improved damping and a small envelope size.

  • Lufkin Industries, Inc.

    Lufkin offers tilting pad journal bearings with spherical pivots that provide high pivot stiffness values and low pivot stresses for minimal wear.

  • R. D. Dane Corp.

    R.D. Dane Corp. designs pivot bearings that feature ball bearings with double rows of balls, lubricated and sealed. The bracket accepts the outer race which allows for clamping up to 10.63 inches from its mounting surface.