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Bearings for submerged pumping applications in liquids including water, gasoline, hot oil, chemicals, and liquefied gases.

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  • Metallized Carbon Corp.

    Metallized Carbon Corp. engineers custom carbon graphite bearings for submerged applications in liquids including water, gasoline, hot oil, solvents, strong chemicals, molten metals, and liquefied gases. Bearing specifications include temperature ratings of -400 to 2000F and pressure ratings up to 1000 psi.

  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF distributes MRC-brand bearings for pumps including ball bearings and thrust bearings. The pump bearings are found in the food and beverage, hydrocarbon processing, chemical, metal, mining and mineral processing, wind energy, and pulp and paper industries.

  • Thordon Bearings Inc.

    A designer and manufacturer of various bearings, Throdon Bearings Inc. produces a line of grease and oil-free vertical pump bearings with temperature limits of 60C or 80C. Available in several water or medium lubricated grades, the bearings are used for water-lubricated applications, in dry start-up operation, or within abrasive operating conditions.

  • WD Bearing

    WD Bearing manufactures and distributes single row and double row ball water pump bearings used in developed countries including Japan, Germany and the United States. The bearings feature good steel capacity and easy rotation and structure, along with a simplified structure.

  • Aetna Bearing Company

    Water pump bearings manufactured by Aetna Bearing Company are designed for agricultural, industrial, automotive, and other specialty applications. The bearings are available with dimension A from 2.62" to 3.86".

  • Alpine Bearing Co.

    Alpine Bearing Co. distributes magnetic levitation and ball bearing pumps available as radial, radial full complement, angular contact, and angular contact full complement types. Bearing brands include Edwards, Pfeiffer, and Leybold.