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Rod end bearings or heim joints or rose joints are mechanical articulating joints. They are used on control rod ends, steering links, tie rods, and other applications where joints are needed. It is a ball swivel with a hole that is pressed into a circular casing with a threaded shaft.

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  • RBC Bearings

    RBC are producers of Heim precision rod ends in many types and sizes. The Heim product range includes brass race rod ends in standard, precision and high capacity designs, high strength two piece designs, self lubricating rod ends with engineered thermoplastic races or Teflon liners, and military/aircraft standard rod ends. While spherical plain bearings offer flexible housing and mounting design, rod ends offer better mounting convenience. Heim rod ends are available in metal-to-metal or self lubricating types. Heim also offers low cost precision rod ends in metal-to-metal and self lubricating designs. Metric rod ends are also available.

  • Radial Bearing Corp.

    Radial Bearing Corporation are producers of aircraft quality rod end and spherical bearing products. Radial bearing rod ends consist of a body, ball and race, and come in large bore, high strength and heavy duty designs. Aircraft and Aerospace rod ends come in male or female high strength configurations. Spherical bearings use a one piece design. Radial Bearing also offers self lubricating rod end and spherical bearings. High temperature, high load or high surface speed liners are available.