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Rod end bearings or heim joints or rose joints are mechanical articulating joints. They are used on control rod ends, steering links, tie rods, and other applications where joints are needed. It is a ball swivel with a hole that is pressed into a circular casing with a threaded shaft.

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  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF are producers of rod end products available with left or right-hand female or male threads. SKF rod ends with a left-hand thread are identified by an "L", otherwise rod ends have a right-hand thread. SKF maintenance-free rod ends are produced with three sliding contact surface combinations: steel/sinter bronze composite, steel/PTFE fabric, and steel/PTFE composite. SKF rod ends requiring maintenance come with surface combinations steel-on-steel and steel-on-bronze. SKF are also producers of thrust washers and roller, ball and spherical plain bearings. They also distribute MRC aftermarket industrial bearing products.