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Roller bearings is a type of rolling element bearing. They use cylinders that are greater in length than the diameter. Relative to ball bearings, roller bearings have higher radial load capacity. They have low axial load capacity and higher friction. Also in comparison to ball bearings, the bearing capacity of roller bearings can decrease at a faster rate if the inner and outer races are not aligned properly. Common types of roller bearings include cylindrical, spherical, tapered, and needle. They are ideal for heavy-duty and moderate-speed functions. But cylindrical bearings have lower speed capabilities.

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  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF are manufacturers offering a wide range of roller bearings, including cylindrical, combined needle, tapered, angular contact thrust, needle thrust, spherical thrust, self-aligning, needle, combined cylindrical roller/taper, spherical , cylindrical thrust, tapered thrust, and track runner bearings. SKF cylindrical types are offered in single row with a cage and double row without a cage, operate at high speeds, and can accommodate heavy radial loads. SKF combined needle roller bearings consist of radial needle rollers combined with a thrust bearing. Tapered types come in many sizes and are arranged between inner and outer ring raceways, and come in single, paired single, double and four row tapered groupings. SKF needle roller thrust bearings are fitted with a form-stable cage to reliably guide and retain a large number of needle rollers. They also carry MRC bearings as well.

  • NSK

    NSK are manufacturers that produce a full range of roller bearings. Types include needle, spherical, cylindrical, thrust and tapered. NSK cylindical types have a high radial load capacity at high speeds, and come in single row and double row configurations. Their needle roller bearings are either radial or thrust, whose rollers slightly exceed the size range of needle rollers as stipulated by ISO. They include application-specific cam followers, and roller followers. NSK thrust roller bearings are available with cylindrical or spherical rollers, are suitable for heavy loads and have high axial rigidity with self aligning capability. The E type offers a pressed cage. Spherical types come in EA, C, CD or CA type, and are designed for high load capacity. Some come with a steel cage. Type EA has especially high load capacity and a high strength cage.

  • Dalton Bearing Service Inc.

    Dalton are distributors and suppliers of cylindrical, spherical, tapered, and needle roller bearings. All come in both metric and inch sizes. Thrust types offer high load capacity and greater shock absorbtion than ball bearings, and consist of steel rollers and two steel ground finished races. Dalton offers Bower cylindrical roller bearings designed for heavy radial loads or intermittent thrust loads, and high speed applications. Double row cylindrical types are also available. Brands include Timken, INA, Auburn, McGill, NTN, SNR, Torrington, Consolidated and ZVL-ZKL.

  • The Timken Company

    The Timken Company are suppliers of roller bearings, offering single row caged cylindrical, double row cylindrical for better radial capacity, and four row cylindrical types with high radial capacity (but no thrust capacity). Timken spherical types come in one piece brass cage finger type, and two piece brass cage finger type (some with a stamped steel cage and metric sizes). Timken needle types support radial loads, offer a caged version and caged assemblies, and a heavy duty needle type with a small radial cross section. Tapered types manage both thrust and radial loads, come in single, double or four row type, used tapered rollers, and can handle high load capacities. Timken also manufactures the Fafnir line.

  • QBC - Quality Bearings

    Quality Bearings & Components was established to serve the miniature bearing market. QBC offers needle, needle press, flanged mount needle press, and needle clutch press roller bearings. Inner races for needle styles are also available. QBC's needle designs are open end, inch size, 52100 hardened chrome steel. The cage is low carbon steel and the cup is case-hardened steel. Features include high speed and high load capacity. Caged needle types offer up to three times the speed of un-caged designs. QBC's needle roller press bearings come in inch sizes, are a drawn cup design with carbon steel retainers, self aligning, high speed and high load, with an operating temperature range of -22°F to +248°F.

  • Baldor-Dodge Reliance

    Dodge are manufacturers of roller bearings. Tapered types are offered in many types. The Type E-XTRA high capacity are available in flange or steel housed pillow blocks. Type K are a double row configuration. The Dodge "All Steel" type tapered design offers a cast steel housing with duplex tapered roller bearings available in cartridge or pillow block units. Dodge spherical types come in over a half dozen configurations including a unit-housed high capacity double row, a large bore steel housing type, and a split cap spherical bearing available in ductile iron or steel. Other products available include mounted with stainless steel housings, self aligning sleeve, and babbitted journal designs.

  • American Roller Bearing Co.

    American Roller Bearing Company primarily makes heavy duty industrial bearings that are used around the world. Types include ball cylindrical, tapered, thrust, rolling mill and custom roller bearings. Industries served include mining, primary metals and rolling, oil fields, gear drives and presses, power generation, and corrugated box and paper.

  • Ixin Bearing

    Ixin are suppliers, designer and manufacturers of many types of roller bearings. Offerings include deep groove, tapered, needle, combined, cylindrical, angular contact, and insert types. Ixin tapered roller bearings come in metric and inch sizes. Their drawn cup needle styles offer a wide working temperature. Ixin offers a series of combined roller and ball bearings. Their cylindrical type have a wide working temperature, and come in single row, double row and four row configurations, as well as full compliment single and double row designs.

  • Schaeffler Group

    Schaeffler Technologies (FAG) are suppliers of roller bearings. FAG spherical types are double row, self retaining units with solid inner rings and barrel rollers. The inner rings have cylindrical or tapered bores. Sizes are supplied in X-life type. FAG needle roller and cage assemblies are single or double row units comprised of cages and needle rollers, with high load carrying capacity and a very small radial design envelope. FAG ball types come in single row and double row configurations. FAG cylindrical types come in low friction, cage type, high precision, and full compliment designs. FAG tapered designs have tapered raceways and tapered rollers with a cage (not self retaining). They can support high radial loads.

  • KML Bearing & Equipment

    KML are worldwide bearing suppliers specializing in their own KML brand. The general types of roller bearings they offer include cylindrical, spherical, needle, tapered, cylindrical thrust, and spherical thrust. The spherical thrust design can handle heavy axial loads at relatively high speeds, and come with either a steel or brass cage. Their cylindrical type comes in single row, double row or multi-row configurations with a cage. They have high radial load carrying capacity at high speeds. KLM spherical roller bearings have two rows of spherical rollers, have good self aligning ability. This type has heavy load carrying capacity. Their needle roller bearings come in sealed, radial needle and cage assemblies, heavy duty needle rollers, thrust needle rollers, and self aligning configurations. KML tapered designs come in either a single, double and four row type in both metric and inch sizes.

  • NTN Bearing Corp. of America

    NTN is a manufacturer of roller bearings, including cylindrical, tapered, needle, spherical, and combined ball and roller bearing units. NTN cylindrical types are designed for heavy radial loads and can tolerate light thrust loads. For high speed applications a machined brass cage is used. Double row configurations are available. Their tapered roller bearings come in inch and metric sizes and can carry combinations of radial and thrust loads simultaneously. NTN's Endurance Tapered design uses a carburized steel to increase life span. Needle types feature a smaller cross section, high load capacity, and are available in a variety of sizes. They are offered in single or double row, solid or split cage, and metric or inch sizes. Yoke and stud type track rollers are available. NTN's spherical designs are self aligning and are designed for heavy radial loading.

  • RBC Bearings

    RBC is a manufacturer of heavy duty needle, tapered and tapered thrust, and stud type track roller bearings. Their heavy duty needle types come in an outer ring diameter range of 1 inch to 12 1/4 inch, and can be manufactured up to 39 inch if necessary. They are supplied in either sealed or unsealed configurations. The seals can be either a single or double sealed lip. They are also offered in a double row design and have a high load capacity, caged rollers, and come in metric sizes. RBC's Tyson tapered types can handle both radial and axial loads. Their tapered thrust designs are used for heavy loads and come in sealed or unsealed versions. Sizes range from 1 inch to 3 inch bore diameter. RBC stud type airframe track rollers conform to SAE-AS39901, formerly MIL-B-3990. Stud type airframe track roller outer rings and needle rollers are made from high carbon chrome steel, and are available with cylindrical or crowned outer rings.

  • Ritbearing

    Ritbearing are designers and manufacturers of roller bearings for unique applications. Offerings include cylindrical, needle, spherical, tapered and cam followers. Their cylindrical style are available in single row, double row or multi-row configurations. Single row types can accept high speeds. The double row type can be made with a full compliment of rollers that accept very high radial loads. Cage options include steel retainers, polyamide or brass cages. 52100 chrome bearing steel is used. Sealed double row cylindricals are available as well. Ritbearing needle types come in metric or inch sizes, in open, single sealed or double sealed designs. Options include single or double row, and solid or split cage. Spherical types are self aligning with large radial load capacity and come with either a steel cage or a brass cage. Ritbearing tapered configurations come in inch sizes, single row, accept both radial and thrust loads, and come with a pressed steel cage.

  • Bearing Service Co.

    Bearing Service Company is a manufacturer of ball, roller, radial and thrust bearings. They specialize in primary metal applications. Leveler back-up roll and thrust blocks are equipped with a seal on each end. Their ISO-API approved facility manufactures products up to 60 inches in diameter and can can also manufacture low volume, specialty and obsolete bearings.

  • Turbo Bearings

    Turbo, located in India, are manufacturers whose product range includes tapered, spherical, cylindrical, and needle roller bearings. Tapered styles come in metric, inch, double row, and cage and roller assembly configurations. Cylindrical styles come in regular and special types, single row, double row, and flanged outer ring type. Spherical types are available in thrust and double row configurations. Needle designs are offered in regular, split type 2, NK type and full compliment type.

  • Dalian Hoyi Bearings Co.

    Hoyi are manufacturers of roller and roller thrust bearings for the metallurgy, mining, and mechanical engineering industries. Hoyi, located in China, offers cylindrical, tapered, and spherical roller bearings, as well as cylindrical, tapered, and spherical roller thrust bearings. Other offerings include deep groove, angular contact, four point contact and thrust ball designs. Spherical types come in regular and split spherical configurations. Cylindrical types include multi-row full compliment, heavy duty four row, types for heavy radial loads combined with high speeds, and double row cylindrical configurations. Hoyi tapered styles are offered for steel mills, and also come in single row, double row, and four row configurations capable of handling thrust loads.

  • Metalcraft Engg Co

    Metalcraft Engg is located in India. They are manufacturers of tapered, spherical and cylindrical roller bearings. They also produce ball and double row angular contact productsw. Metalcraft spherical roller bearings are self aligning, have high radial load capacity, and can be used in applications such as heavy support rollers, ship line shafts and rudder shafts, crankshafts, rolling mills and grinding machines. Their tapered roller bearings consist of tapered rollers and a cage. These can handle combined radial and thrust loads and have the ability to carry combinations of large radial and thrust loads or thrust loads only.

  • NKE

    NKE are suppliers of roller bearings and bearing products. Their standard line includes cylindrical, spherical and tapered roller bearings, and cylindrical and spherical roller thrust bearings. Other types include self aligning, thrust and angular contact ball configurations. Inch size, cam rollers and support rollers are also available. NKE single row tapered designs are separable radial types suitable for high radial loads and thrust loads. Their other tapered styles are sealed, non-separable units with an integrated double lip seal, a window type polyamide cage, and an operating temperature range from from -25°C to +140°C. NKE cylindrical types feature single or double row designs, cage variants of brass and polyamide, are suitable for high radial loads and high speeds, and can be used in steel mills. Their spherical types are double row with barrel shaped rollers, are suitable for large radial loads, and can be used with heavy machinery.

  • PSL of America

    PSL's production offering includes more than 200 types of both standard and special roller bearings. Single row tapered designs handle both radial and axial loads. Double row tapered types are used in heavy duty applications. Four-row tapered designs are suitable for large radial forces. PSL's single row cylindrical roller bearings are suited for heavy radial loads operating under high rotational speeds. For high radial forces it is suitable to use multi-row cylindrical configurations. Crossed taper roller bearings consist of tapered rollers and can handle radial loads in high rigidity applications. Double row spherical types can simultaneously accommodate heavy radial loads and axial loads in both directions. Bearing rollers are also available.

  • SNR

    SNR are manufacturers of tapered, cylindrical and spherical roller bearings. Their tapered roller bearings can sustain high loads, provide high assembly stiffness, and come in metric or inch sizes. The SNR cylindrical range is recommended for high radial loads and high rotating speed applications. Large sizes are fitted with a machined brass cage. SNR Premier spherical roller bearings are suitable for heavy mechanics and heavy duty operation, and can sustain very high radial loads. Their EA Series is for general high temperature applications and comes with a steel cage design. Their EM Series offers a solid copper alloy cage for high vibration applications.