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Crossed Roller Bearings

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  • The Timken Company

    Timken is a manufacturer of crossed roller bearings. ID size ranges from ID 203.200 mm to 2463.800 mm (8.000 in. to 97.000 in.). OD size ranges from OD 279.400 mm to 2819.400 mm (11.000 in. to 111.000 in.). Applications for Timken's crossed roller bearings include vertical boring mills, vertical grinding machines, and other machine tools.

  • American Linear Manufacturers

    ALM designs and manufactures linear crossed roller bearings and linear crossed roller slides and stages. Both bearings and slides come in low profile and recirculating configurations, as well as standared designs. Crossed roller stages come in precision, long stroke industrial grade, heavy duty, and rotary table configurations.

  • IKO Nippon Thompson

    IKO Nippon Thompson is a manufacturer of crossed roller bearings, including high rigidity, mounting holed type high rigidity,  standard type, slim type, and super slim type designs. There are also open and closed (sealed) type options for crossed roller bearings, and they can come in cage, separator, or full complement configurations.

  • Kingsbury, Inc.

    Messinger crossed cylindrical roller bearings are designed to handle all combinations of axial, radial and overturning moment loads in a single envelope. Options include standard cross sections or bolt-down offset races for slewing applications. This bearing features a high degree of stiffness but requires rigid and precise mounting surfaces. Crossed roller bearings can be supplied with internal or external integral gearing.

  • Schaeffler Group

    Schaeffler's INA brand of crossed roller bearings are designed for precision applications that correspond to ISO dimension series 18 in accordance with DIN 616. These crossed roller bearings can handle axial forces from both directions, as well as tilting moment loads, radial forces and any combination of loads.

  • SNR

    SNR offers special crossed roller bearings used in precision reduction gears for robots. Features include a direct attachment ring, bearings are sealed and life lubricated, and they are driven by inner ring toothing. Other crossed roller bearing applications include robotics, special reduction gears, civil works, mining, transport, telecommunications, farming machines, automation and handling.

  • THK America, Inc.

    THK produces crossed roller bearings with high rotation accuracy capable of bearing loads in every direction. Configurations available include crossed roller bearings for inner ring rotation, for outer ring rotation, and an integrated inner/outer ring type that can be used for both applications.

  • Dalton Bearing Service Inc.

    Dalton is a distributor of Timken crossed roller thrust bearings (TXRs) ideal for the table bearing of machine tools, including vertical boring and grinding machines. Size ranges are 457.2 mm - 1549.4 mm (8 in. to 61 in.).

  • Del-Tron Precision, Inc.

    Del-Tron Precision is a manufacturer of crossed roller rail sets (crossed roller bearings) that can support and guide high loads with high accuracy. A range of profiles are available with roller diameters ranging from 1.5mm up to 6mm. Load carrying capacities range up to 2800 lbs.

  • The Precision Alliance

    TPA offers crossed roller bearings in assemblies and components. Crossed roller assemblies consist of 4 rails, 2 roller cages, and 8 end screws. All products are also offered as individual components. A single rail or roller can be purchased to save maintenance costs.

  • Isotech Inc

    Isotech is a manufacturer's representative and distributor of crossed roller slide assemblies. Standard crossed roller slides have a load capacity of 30 -779 lbs. Precision slides have a load capacity of 80 - 260 lbs. High precision (low profile) designs offer 90 - 450 lbs. of load capacity. Flange base high precision crossed roller slides have a load capacigy of 90 - 450 lbs.

  • Newport Corp.

    Newport Corporation is a supplier of extended platform crossed roller bearing stages designed for precision movement and larger load capacity. They are reversible for left- or right-hand applications and stackable for low profile multi-axis positioning.

  • Specialty Motions, Inc.

    SMI is a distributor of cross roller tables and ways, crossed roller slides, and a full line of linear motion profile rail actuators with crossed roller bearings to handle the load.

  • LuoYang HongYuan Bearing Technology Co.

    LYZC is a manufacturer and distributor of crossed roller bearings. Options include bearings that can be designed to the customer's requirements, crossed roller bearings with inner ring ranges from 80mm to 1000mm, and THK high precision bearings with inner ring ranges of 800mm.

  • PIB Bearing, Inc.

    Pacific International Bearing (PIB) is a distributor of IKO crossed roller bearings manufactured in Japan.