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Tapered roller bearings support large axial and radial forces. Its inner and outer ring raceways are parts of cones and its rollers are made of a taper. A flange on the inner ring directs the rollers and prevents slippage at high speeds. Tapered roller bearing can be separated and consists of an outer and inner ring, rollers and a cage. Operations at high speed require lubrication. They are offered as single row, two row and four row bearings.

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  • Baldor-Dodge Reliance

    Dodge is a manufacturer of a variety of tapered roller bearings, including a durable twin row, twin row, and tapered roller bearings that are dimensionally interchangeable with SAF style pillow blocks. A cast steel housing with duplex tapered roller bearings is also available.

  • Bajaj Bearings

    Bajaj Bearings Limited is a manufacturer of tapered roller bearings which are separable (cup and cone can be assembled separately).  The modified line contact between rollers and raceways prevents edge stresses. Since tapered roller bearings can carry thrust in one direction only, two such bearings are usually installed in opposition to each other.

  • The Timken Company

    Timken is a manufacturer of tapered roller bearings that are designed to handle both thrust and radial loads in housings and on rotating shafts. Configurations include single row, double row, and four row.

  • PSL of America

    PSL is a manufacturer of tapered roller bearings including single, double and four row configurations. Single row tapered roller bearings are able to harness both radial and axial forces. Double row tapered roller bearings are used in heavier duty applications.  Four-row types are suitable for accommodating great radial forces and are most widely used in the roll neck areas of rolling mill equipment.

  • Ritbearing

    Ritbearing Corporation is a manufacturer of tapered roller bearings. Tapered bearings can handle both radial and thrust loads, and also accept some tilting movement. They can enhance performance over spherical roller of cylindrical bearings in demanding situations. The load is transferred at the contact angle.

  • NTN Bearing Corp. of America

    NTN is a manufacturer of inch and metric sized tapered roller bearings.  These bearings can carry radial and thrust loads simultaneously.

  • RBC Bearings

    Tyson Bearings manufactures tapered roller bearings that feature logarithmic profiles that insure more uniform distribution of stress under heavy and medium; a finish that allows proper lubrication flow; case carburized steel for absorbing shock loads; and most heavy industrial applications.

  • AST Bearings

    AST manufactures tapered roller bearings consisting of four basic components that include tapered rollers, the cone (inner ring), a cage (roller retainer), and the cup (outer ring). The cone, cup and rollers carry the load while the cage spaces and retains the rollers on the cone. The cone, rollers and cage components of our tapered roller bearings are referred to as the cone assembly. Individual cup and cone components of tapered roller bearings are available as well as the complete assembly. In addition, a variety of configurations to tapered roller bearings such as single-row, double-row and four-row are also available.

  • Dalton Bearing Service Inc.

    alton Bearing Service, Inc., is a manufacturer of inch and metric sized tapered roller bearings which are designed to carry maximum combinations of radial and thrust loads simultaneously.

  • SNR

    SNR Industry is a manufacturer of tapered roller bearings.  These are are angular contact bearings comprised of separate components (cones and cups), facilitating installation. By design they are suitable for combined loading. They can sustain very high loads (axial load in one direction) and tolerate slight misalignment.

  • Frantz Manufacturing Company

    Frantz manufactures tapered conveyor roller bearings. They have built their reputation on commercial unground non-precision bearing assemblies for conveyor rollers. Frantz IronGrip adapters were designed to mate with Frantz bearings that will press-fit or tightly swage-fit into your roller tubes or pipes. Select a Frantz bearing for your tapered conveyor roller and pair it with an IronGrip adapter at the wide end of the roller for a traditional end cup design.

  • UBC Bearings

    UBC Bearings is a manufacturer of tapered roller bearings which are composed of external ring, cage, roller and internal ring. There is only a large ring rib of the internal ring and a hook in the cage. It can guarantee the performance of the bearing and simplify the structure by dumping the small ring rib. Therefore, the productivity is improved, the reject rate is lowered and the bearing capacity is increased.

  • Taylor Hobson Limited

    Taylor Hobson is a manufacturer of tapered roller bearings.  These bearings have the ability to carry combinations of large radial and thrust loads or to carry thrust load only. Because of the difference between the inner and outer raceway contact angles, there is a force component, which drives the tapered rollers against the guide flange. The relatively large sliding friction generated at this flange makes this bearing typically unsuitable for high-speed applications without special consideration to coolant / lubricant. Typical applications include construction machinery, gear construction, vehicle manufacture and rolling mills.

  • Schaeffler Group

    Schaeffler Group is a manufacturer of tapered roller bearings which comprise solid inner and outer rings with tapered raceways and tapered rollers with cages. The bearings are not self-retaining, resulting in the inner ring (together with the rollers and cage) fitted separately from the outer ring. Tapered roller bearings can handle one directionaxial loads and also high radial loads. They must normally be axially adjusted against a second bearing fitted in a mirror image arrangement.

  • Ixin Bearing

    IXIN Bearing Limited is a manufacturer of taper bgearings that feature a superfinishing surface grinding, precision grade 6x,5,3,0 and a long working life.

  • Metalcraft Engg Co

    KGK Metalcraft Engg Co. manufactured tapered roller bearings that consist of four interdependent components: the cone, or inner ring; the cup, or outer ring; the tapered rollers, or rolling elements; and the cage, or roller retainer. The taper angles allow the bearing to handle a combination of radial and thrust loads. The steeper the cup angle, the greater the ability of the bearing to handle thrust loads.

  • NKE

    NKE Bearings is a manufacturer of single row tapered roller bearings which are suitable for high radial loads and thrust loads (in one direction), take up tilting moments; and, when paired, can take up thrust loads in both directions.  Application examples include gear boxes, pumps and compressors.

  • Perfect Fit Industries

    Perfect Fit Industries, Inc. are suppliers of automotive bearings to original equipment and aftermarket customers around the world. PFI offers ball , taper roller and needle bearings. Ball bearings are available in single and double row configurations. Taper roller desings are used in automotive wheels and gearboxes, and come in metric and inch sizes. PFI wheel bearings are made from steel tubes. Their tensioner and idler types are resistant to high temperatures. PFI clutch release bearings are designed for heavy truck and bus applications.

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  • NSK

    NSK is a manufacturer of tapered roller bearings that use conical rollers guided by a back-face rib on the cone. These bearings are capable of taking high radial loads and axial loads in one direction.

  • WD Bearing

    WD Ball & Roller Bearings is a manufacturer of taper roller bearings that can be dismantled, whose inner ring, assembly part made by rollers and cage, outer rings can be separately assembled. The amendatory contact line in the contact place of rollers and grooves can reduce the concentration of stress. Taper roller bearings, which can bear not only heavy axial but also heavy radial loading capacity, need to be used together with a symmetrically assembled one to transfer the opposite axial loading because of its just ability of transferring the unilateral axial loading capacity.