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Featuring a lubricant contained within the bearing walls, self-lubricating plain bearings are used in applications where excessive friction is a concern. Able to operate under extreme hot and cold temperatures, self-lubricating bearings have a high load capacity and can be used with rotational, oscillatory, and axial sliding motions. Types of self-lubricating bearings include a plastic bearing, which features lubricant molded into the bearing. A sintered metal bearing, which has porous walls that draw oil in via capillary action, is also a type of self-lubricating bearing. Other self-lubricating bearing types include oilite bearings.

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  • PBC Linear, A Pacific Bearing Co.

    The Pacific Bearing Company offers self lubricating linear polymer bearings with a wide range of temperature tolerances. Pacific Bearing linear polymer bearings are resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Pacific Bearing sells a line of Compound E bearings made of PBT polymer matrix, powdered bronze and PTFE. All of the Pacific Bearing Compound E bearings are self lubricating (no oil needed), have high load capacity with minimal water absorption, and are maintenance free. A downloadable catalog is also available.  PBC Linear also offers Simplicity self lubricating bearings. Their self lubricating Simplicity line includes linear plane bearings, square bearings and pillow blocks.

  • National Precision Bearing

    National Precision Bearing offers self lubricating and pre-lubricated bearings. Their "NU Series" of self lubricating bearings are used where excessive friction is found. They have a high load capacity and can operate at -328 to 536 degrees F. The "NX Series" of pre-lubricated bearings are used during low friction applications and can also carry high load capacities. These bushings can operate for long periods with only a small amount of lubrication. Thrust washers, ball, spherical plain and needle roller bearings are also available.

  • RBC Bearings

    RBC's Fiberglide self lubricating bearings come in many types, including journal type with coiled steel backing, journal type with thin walled steel backing, journal type with heavy walled steel backing, metric sized journal type with coiled steel backing, non- metallic journal liner type, thrust washers with steel backing, non-metallic thrust washers, thrust packs, and sealed journal bearings.

  • Oiles America Corporation

    Oiles is a supplier of industrial bearings, including metallic and non-metallic self lubricated bearings. Oiles 500 Series metallic self lubricating bearings incorporate high quality copper alloy based metals with solid lubricant plugs for lubrication free service. The 500 series bearings provide extreme temperature limits and high load capacity performance. The 500 AB Series performs well under sea water. The 500 L Series uses lithium based grease in dry applications. Oiles non-metallic self lubricating bearings are made of high performance plastic material, available in flanged straight bore bushing and thrust washer styles, and offer a broad temperature range from low to high temperature. These bearing types use uniformly dispersed lubricants and are designed for applications where no lubrication is possible.

  • Spyraflo, Inc.

    Spyraflo Delrin and Delrin-AF bearings are self-lubricating and self-aligning bearing products that come in self-clinching, press-fit and flange mount configurations. The AF Delrin bearing option has additional Teflon lubrication within the resin to further reduce static friction and increase bearing speed capability. Delrin bearing features include medium speed, light load, suitable for rotational, oscillatory and linear motion, lightweight, and made of FDA approved materials.

  • Metallized Carbon Corp.

    Metcar manufactures solid self lubricating bearings and self aligning bearing assemblies that are non-galling and exhibit high compressive strength. They have a temperature range from 1200 F to -450 F, dry or under water. Metcar's products solve severe service lubrication problems in tough environments, including water and sewage treatment facilities. Bearings and thrust washers can be made to your specifications. Metcar Grade M-400 is recommended for food processing applications. It is a non-porous, resin impregnated, carbon-graphite material with excellent self lubricating properties.

  • Radial Bearing Corp.

    Radial Bearing Corporation provides self lubricating rod end and spherical bearings. They also offer self lubricating Teflon (PTFE) fabric liners designed to eliminate the need for re-lubrication or grease in a range of temperatures from-65 F to 300 F. In applications involving high loading, high vibration, or high surface speeds, Radial Bearing Corp. can design product to meet your specifications.

  • U.S. Bronze-Lubrite Technologies, Inc.

    Lubrite Technologies provides self lubricated bearings that do not require any extra lubrication. A Lubrite bearing system is made of the bearing substrate and the lubricant. The lubricants are dry, solid and permanent. Lubrite Technologies has the capacity to manufacture self lubricating bearings as large as 30,000 lbs. Lubrite bearings feature complete self lubrication, elimination of supplementary lubrication, high and low temperature operation, and choice of lubricant and bearing materials for hostile environments.

  • Accro-Seal, A Kalpas Co.

    Accroseal features their Accrolon non-metallic self lubricating bearings that offer high continuous service temperature, self lubrication properties, are made of high performance materials, and can replace Babbitt, bronze and Gatke bearings. Applications include thrust washers, sleeve bearings, bushings, and pillow blocks. Industries served include waste water.

  • Tri-Mack Plastics Manufacturing Corp.

    Maxton is Tri-Mack's line of high performance self lubricated bearing materials. Maxton compounds combine high temperature, high load, and high speed friction wear capabilities. These offer significant improvements over non-moldable bearing materials. Tri-Mack also offers their SLiP self lubricated Pin technology, a design and maufacturing process to help lower costs with improved performance.

  • Graphite Metallizing Corp. - GRAPHALLOY

    Graphite Metallizing Corp manufactures various bearings from GRAPHALLOY. GRAPHALLOY®, a graphite/metal alloy, is a unique self-lubricating bearing material that offers high performance in hundreds of mechanical and electrical applications. Because neither grease nor oil is used for lubrication with these bearings they do not attract dust or foreign matter, oiling schedules are eliminated, oil or grease damage to products is prevented, and allows the possibility for operation in inaccessible locations where maintenance is difficult to perform. Operating temperature ranges are -450º to 1500º F (-240º to 800º C).

  • Tenmat, Inc.

    Tenmat manufactures self lubricating materials such as FEROGLIDE and FEROFORM. FEROGLIDE is a self lubricating bearing material that can endure high load and high temperature applications. It is best suited for conditions with low speed and high load. They are applied on plain journal bearings, thrust bearings and flanged bearings. FEROGLIDE bearings run dry but can also be used with other lubrication. PA7 journal bearings are offered in a series of coiled, large, thin walled and solid. PA3 thrust bearings are offered as metal backed or laminated. FEROFORM is applied on composite bearings that are resistant to wear, asbestos and other chemicals. The FEROFORM line offers a self lubricating grade called T814, characterized by long life and low friction in wet and dry conditions.

  • Reliable Bronze & Manufacturing, Inc.

    Reliable Bronze offers their R-Lube self lubricating powdered metal bearings. Self lubricating P/M bearings are made by blending powders and shaping the mixture to a required size. The bearing is oil impregnated for lubrication or corrosive resistance. Typical temperature range is from 10º F to 220º F. Reliable Bronze also offers an R-Lube sleeve bearing maintenance kit. Thrust bearings are also available.

  • Spadone Alfa

    Spadone Alfa produces a line of self lubricated bronze bearings with high load and high speed capabilities, and a medium to high temperature rating up to 600°F. These bearings are composed of a variety of bronze alloys such as aluminum bronze, bearing bronze and manganese bronze, and are used when standard lubrication is impractical. Spadone Alfa self lubricating bearings are also compatible with other lubricants, oil and grease.

  • Hycomp Inc.

    HyComp manufactures three types of self lubricating bearing materials for industrial applications: WearComp, WearComp 200 and FibreComp. They also produce two aerospace grade materials: H310 and H320. WearComp is suited for low speed, high load and high impact conditions. It is a proprietary mix of high temperature polymer and 1" chopped carbon fiber. WearComp 200 is suited for medium speed, high load and high impact conditions. It is  a proprietary mix of high temperature polymer, 1" chopped carbon fiber and graphite. FibreComp is suited for high speed, medium load and low impact conditions. It is a proprietary mix of high temperature polymer, milled carbon fiber and graphite.

  • Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

    Saint Gobain offers RULON Composites that are ideal for non lubricated, high load applications. RULON Composites exhibit a high load capacity similar to bronze, powdered metal and steel. They provide long wear and an extended operating life without the costs associated with lubrication.

  • NingBo KaiCheng Bearings Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    NingBo KaiCheng produces a variety of self lubricating bearings, as well as ball and roller bearings. They offer JDB solid lubricant inlaid bearings made of copper alloy with casting methods. Their DU self lubricating bearing has a steel board as its backing, a bronze inter layer, and a PTFE surface for wear resistance. The FB090 self lubricating bronze bearing is wrapped with a bronze strip made of high specific gravity. Spherical or lozenge shaped indents or oil grooves may be added on the surface. The DX boundary lubricated bearing has a steel packing with a bronze inner layer and POM surface for wear resistance. The FR bronze self lubricating bearing has phosphorous, bronze and meshed backing with PT. The FU sintered bearing with oil is sintered under high temperature, and oil is soaked into the metal under vacuum.

  • Beemer Precision Inc.

    Oilite is the trademark name for Beemer Precision's line of self lubricating bearings. Oilite Non-Tox bearings are self lubricating, oil impregnated sintered bronze. Oilite Non-Tox M Series are a metric series of of the same bearings. Oilite Plus are self lubricating sintered bronze bearings that are impregnated with a higher temperature lubricant. Excelite-TX are self lubricated iron/copper bearings impregnated with an extreme pressure lubricant. Beemer also offers other oil impregnated self lubricated and custom bearings in non-standard sizes.

  • Thordon Bearings Inc.

    Thordon Bearings are manufacturers of non-metallic self-lubricating journal bearings for private and commercial marine, clean power generation, naval and coast guard, pumps and industrial applications.